Interview questions to the product marketing manager

Product manager interview 30 questions, examples, answers

If you are purposeful and effective at an interview than Colleague, Project manager or Executive in the Product management want to prepare, you should

  • deal intensively with future tasks in product management,

  • answer typical questions related to your career

  • and know and present your strengths and experiences.

Interview: Product Manager

In product management there are many specialists, project managers and executives who apply for these positions in interviews, for example:

  • Junior product manager (Professional),

  • Senior Product Manager (as well)

  • Team leader product management (also: project manager),

  • Head of Product Management (Manager).

Note: all job titles m / f / d

Senior and junior product managers in a job interview

Product managers without leadership responsibility position and market products nationally or internationally based on market, customer and competition analyzes.

Furthermore, they always have an eye on market and competitive developments, analyze new trends and derive suitable measures and new concepts independently from them.

Product management specialist

If you work as a specialist in product management, you should emphasize in the e-mail application as well as in the interview that you like to work persistently and with dedication in day-to-day business to optimally coordinate development, sales and marketing.

New products are often presented at events and trade fairs or product training courses are held.

Questions to professionals

Product management professionals should be prepared for questions of this kind.

  1. What is important to you when planning a launch readiness?

  2. What is important in user stories?

  3. How do you prepare product launches?

  4. What experience do you have in accompanying test preparations?

  5. How do you successfully implement a marketing mix?

  1. How do you conduct competitor analyzes?

  1. Which trends and developments are currently an issue in our industry?
  2. What is important to you when looking at profitability?

  3. What methods do you use to capture market needs?

  4. And how do you check your results here?

  5. How do you create convincing promotional material for back office and field sales?

  6. What measures have you already worked with during the product launch?

  7. How would you support an account manager?

  8. How do you plan marketing measures in online media?

  9. And how do you implement the marketing measures?

Head of Product Management: Strategic and operational

If you already have several years of professional experience and know how new product launches are strategically planned and systematically implemented, you should communicate this wealth of experience in a targeted manner in the interview.

Executive in product management

Clarify as Executive with your answers on how to define a portfolio strategically and in a growth-oriented manner and derive new product developments with a view to the market and customer.

Thoroughly analyze all information, requirements and wishes listed in the job advertisement.

And include important keywords from the job profile in your answers. This is how you make yourself the perfect applicant.

Questions head of product management

These questions could be asked of product managers with managerial responsibility.

  1. How would you optimize a product portfolio?

  2. How do you coordinate with development and sales management?

  3. What is your experience with international customer potential analyzes?

  4. What problems can arise in interface management with internal departments and how do you solve them?

  5. What experience do you have in leading international product teams?

  1. What five qualities should a new product manager bring to your team?

  2. And which two properties could you not do without under any circumstances?

  1. When you develop a new product portfolio, what is important to you and how do you proceed?

  2. Can you give us an example for analyzing a national and international market and competitive situation?

  3. How do you analyze competitors?

  4. What is important to you when defining marketing goals and measures?

  5. How do you ensure the coordination of all relevant stakeholders?

  6. What experience do you have in supplier management?

  7. And which ones in quality management?

  8. How do you lead and control product managers at different locations?

Self-presentation as a product manager

Convince in the interview with your commitment, your knowledge and experience and a strong enthusiasm for your field of work.

For this purpose, develop and use a meaningful self-presentation!

Detailed self-presentations

Comprehensive self-portrayals of previous career and future professional goals in product management are often requested in telephone interviews with personnel consultancies. Or required in interviews with supervisors, branch managers, managing directors or CEOs.

  1. Telephone interview

  2. Video interview

  3. Interview: free: 100 questions

  4. Self-presentation

  5. structured job interview

  6. competency-based interview

  7. Questions in the assessment center

  8. Assessment center: product management

  9. own questions to new employers

Questions for self-presentation

You can use the self-presentation you worked out in advance to answer these questions.

  1. What can you do for the rest growth contribute in your position?

  2. What differs You from other applicants?

  3. Why should we hire you?

  4. What irritates You at the advertised position?

  5. Why should we hire you?

Well prepared

So that you can find the right words to clearly describe your knowledge of customer service, consumer feedback or the coordination of product-relevant changes, you should work out a self-presentation of your career, your driving forces, your experiences and your successes.

Ideally in a short version (one minute), a classic version (three minutes) and a detailed version (five to ten minutes).

Examples: Answers for product managers

Use adjectives such as

  • improved,

  • increased,

  • optimized,

  • scored or

  • reached.

The more vivid your answers are, the clearer your goal and result orientation will be. Emphasize your strengths and competencies in product management!

Strengths of product management