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What is address 2?

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What does DHL stand for?

DHL is a German parcel and letter express service founded in 1969 in San Francisco by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn DHL International GmbH to the Deutsche Post Group DHL Group belongs. The name is an acronym made up of the first letters of the last names of the company founders.

What is address 1 and 2?

A address consists of several address lines. In a German address is in the address line 1 the name, in the address line 2 Street and house number and in address line 3 the postcode and town.

What is a billing address?

The Billing address is the address to which the invoice is issued. It is therefore the address of the person who will ultimately pay the bill or who is responsible for the payment. Of course, it can also be the address of a company.

Where can I find the billing address?

the Billing address must be activated via the seller service. Just open a case and you will receive it in the order report. Note: The Billing address can only be seen in the order area, not in the order overview in the seller account.

How does an instant transfer from Steam work?

Instant bank transfer: About the service of Instant bank will you from Steam redirected to said website. This establishes a secure connection to your bank's online banking system, which you have to log into. After logging in and entering a TAN, the service takes over the transfer for you.

What is a Steam Wallet Card?

Steam-cards are prepaid cards for the online service Steamthrough which video games are offered. The Valve service has been offering for quite some time Steam-cards to allow users who do not have access to a credit card or other payment options to make purchases in the SteamShop to enable.

What is the billing address on Amazon?

In addition to a delivery address, you can also use a Billing address specify. While the purchased goods are being sent to the delivery address, the buyer who pays for the item will receive the invoice to the appropriate address Billing address.

Can I enter a different billing address on Amazon?

Open "Your payments" and switch to the "Your payment methods" tab. In the "My bank accounts" list, click on the account from which you are using Billing address want to change. You will now see all the details including the billing address. To this too to change, click on the "Edit" button on the right.

What do you mean by address designation?

As part of a postal address, a residential address is the exact local name of a building or apartment in which a person lives permanently. A residential address usually consists of the street, house number, postcode, town (town) and country.

What does the word address mean?

1) address, Company address, postal address, home address. 2) memory address. 3) Component address. 4) out of date: petition, memorandum, petition.

Is Deutsche Post and DHL the same?

In 2002 the parcel and letter express service was launched DHL Acquired internationally and since then expanded as a branch of business for logistics. The previous parcel service was the German Post in Germany under the brand "DHL“Continued.

What is the difference between Post and DHL?

The "German postal service"brings letter, DHL brings parcels and packages. (So ​​2 different deliverers.) In rural areas there is usually only one deliverer for letters and parcels. DHL belongs to German Post AG, however, parcels and parcels are delivered by our own deliverers.

How can you pick up the parcel at the Packstation?

How do I get my package from? Touch the screen of the packing station and choose "Pick up"And scan your customer card (for older customer cards got to the post number must be entered manually). Then enter your pick-up code (mTAN).