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English books for schoolchildren

One or the other school reading accompanies everyone in the course of his life. You love some school literature, but you can't finish others quickly enough. Not only do we have to read a few books together in German lessons, but English-language novels are also on the schedule. If you are not quite so confident in the foreign language, reading these required reading can be quite a hassle. It is therefore important that you like the stories and are interested in the topics. Vote which books you particularly liked during your school days (or just recently) and give other students good tips! You can also provide your teachers with inspiration and draw their attention to one or the other interesting book. Learning English has never been so easy or as fun as with these novels!

Our English favorites

  1. Aldous Huxley

    Brave New World

    First publication: 01/01/1960
    Current edition: 07.06.2011
    Although Aldous Huxley wrote "Brave New World" 80 years ago, this dystopian classic is not out of date. In his work, the author created a new world in which a strict caste system prevails. Bernard Marx belongs to the highest caste, but is an outsider among the other alphas due to his appearance and his provocative nature. When he discovers two civilized people among the "savages" in a reserve, he takes them with him into the brave new world and thus creates little enthusiasm ...