Are ghosts of some kind of energy

Esotericism : The secret of the orbs

They are round, milky white and appear organic due to the bulging outlines. We captured two of them with the digital camera: in the entrance of a residential building, built in 1890, under the worried gaze of the two putti who lean down from the stucco on the ceiling. We are not the first to record “orbs” in an old wall that has witnessed births and deaths as well as fates of all kinds. Orbs are most often photographed in old buildings or enchanted houses - you can read that on the Internet. It is full of evidence of this "occult phenomenon". But the ghost ends in the depths of the web. Because the scientific explanation of the orbs is a well-rounded matter - and convincing too.

In English, "orb" simply means sphere. But resourceful spirits note that the syllable "orb" is derived from the Latin root word "orbus", in German: the "orphan". For friends of the occult, this fits in well with their esoteric interpretation of the world: According to this, "orbs" are the orphaned souls of the deceased. They wander lonely in an in-between world. But they appear to people again and again because at the time of death they were still full of human desires and therefore could not loosen their chains to this world.

But why do the many so different spirits all appear in the same, confusingly similar shape? The esotericists explain the spherical souls with very profane physical principles: The sphere is the most energy-saving form - very practical for the strenuous journeys through the spheres. “Theoretically, the souls could also take on ghost form, but that would consume a lot of energy,” says the website “”, for example. Saving energy is also an important topic in the afterlife.

The website "Geister- und-" provides information about the innermost nature of the orbs: What can be seen in the images of the digital cameras is a "substance excreted by the spirits" called "ectoplasm". But "for some strange reason the ectoplasm is often invisible to the naked eye". For cameras, on the other hand, yes, because they are “more sensitive than the human eye”.

The "ghost seers" do not say a word about the fact that the Orbs were only able to cheat their way into snapshots and holiday pictures in droves with the triumph of the digital compact camera. For the “Society of Scientific Investigation of Unusual Phenomena”, this connection is the key to explaining the orbs. The digital cameras are their cause, the captured spheres their effect. The specialty of the digital compact cameras is that the flash is attached very close to the lens of the device. As a result, small dust particles would often be visible in the image when the flash was triggered: the orbs.

The scientists explain this on the website "" using a well-known phenomenon. If you look into the beam of the projector in the cinema or during a slide show, you will see a multitude of white dust particles dancing in the light. These are invisible on the canvas because they are out of focus. The special design of the compact digital cameras, however, leads to individual of these dust grains being brought into focus and thus capturing them on the picture. The likelihood of taking an orbs picture is therefore greater, the more dust is blown up. This is why the probability of taking orbs pictures is greater in old walls or in dusty places outdoors than in new buildings, for example. Basically, however, wherever people are, there is enough dust for orb images, because breathing alone swirls the smallest particles of clothing or skin through the room in large quantities.

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