What are casual shoes


Above all, casual shoes should be comfortable

Casual shoes should not only be casual, but above all comfortable for your feet, because who wants to deal with blisters with bruised feet in their free time? Comfortable does not automatically mean cheap, worn out plastic trainers.

Casual shoes made by hand from high quality leather

As already mentioned, casual shoes do not always have to be plastic sneakers, especially for today's fashion-conscious man, instead you can invest some money and get high-quality everyday shoes made of the finest leather that are breathable and thus significantly reduce the phenomenon of sweaty feet. Leisure shoes are not just sports shoes - sports shoes are football or jogging shoes which, of course, have to meet completely different criteria than casual leather shoes.

Especially when you buy a pair of fine shoes in brown leather, there is definitely the possibility of using them as all-round shoes and wearing the shoes for leisure and as office shoes. Nevertheless, there are a few tips to consider when choosing the right shoe.

Shoes that are too elegant look out of place in their free time and can inadvertently lead to strange looks, so you should perhaps not wear patent leather shoes or business shoes with jeans in everyday life. In terms of color, brown shoes with their various shades of color are particularly suitable. If you have familiarized yourself with a few questions of style, such as a brown belt when it comes to brown shoes, you can confidently wear what you like. It is of course always important to feel comfortable and to develop an individual style.