What is the best time to have dinner

Slim by time: when to eat what

Whether and how quickly the pounds drop depends on the diet. Because only those who eat the right thing at any time of the day can get their body to go into the slim turbo. That means activating the metabolism and thereby increasing the burning of calories. Read more about "Slim by time".

In the morning: protein and carbohydrates for breakfast

In the morning you can really eat your fill. Because now the body has to replenish its energy stores. He needs a bit of everything: protein from, for example, yogurt, eggs, ham and cheese, but also carbohydrates from whole grain bread or muesli.

And those with a sweet tooth now also get their money's worth: They can enjoy sweets such as jam and fruit for breakfast without remorse. Good to know: A fruit salad or orange juice with lots of vitamin C not only strengthens our immune system, but also produces the hormone norepinephrine, which is so important for optimal fat burning. But the slim fabric can do even more: It is indispensable for the production of collagen, i. H. Vitamin C helps to create a firm, firm tissue.

Tip: Vanilla tea is the best way to get over the "eleven o'clock hole" and the cravings for sweets in the course of the afternoon, because it reliably slows down the appetite.

Lunch: Whole grains and potatoes for lunch

The body needs a lot of energy in order to remain productive in the afternoon. Meat does not always have to be on the table at lunchtime - three to four times a week - but carbohydrates such as whole grain products (pasta, rice) and potatoes should be on the menu every day. If you like things more exotic, you can also eat couscous, quinoa or millet instead.

Tip: Filling dishes and vegetables seasoned with spicy foods (e.g. turmeric, curry, chilli or ginger) heat up the body and increase calorie consumption. Also good: a cup of espresso after dinner. Because caffeine increases fat burning.

In the evening: protein and fiber for dinner

Slim in your sleep? This works if you eat a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates in the evening. Reason: protein pushes fat burning during the nightly rest phase. If the dinner consists of good sources of protein such as lean meat, fish or yoghurt and high-fiber vegetables or salad, but low in carbohydrates and fat, more fat is burned at night and you lose weight!

Tip: Delicately tart things like cress also ensure that more fat is burned. An apple is ideal as a late meal: it is filling, keeps the blood sugar level stable and thus the fattening hormone insulin under control.

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