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Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Ernst Stavro Blofeld



Founder & Head of SPECTER


Deceased (fell to death)



"James Bond! Please allow me to introduce myself - my name is Ernst Stavro Blofeld! «
Ernst Stavro Blofeld meets James Bond (You Only Live Twice; 1967).

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a recurring antagonist of the classic Bond film series, based on the fictional character of the same name by Ian Fleming (* 1908; † 1964) and Kevin McClory (* 1924; † 2006).

As the founder and head of the secret criminal organization SPECTER, he is the main opponent of the British MI6 agent James Bond and, through the murder of his wife Tracy, he becomes the personal archenemy of the double-zero agent with a license to kill.

Out of the hidden, as a faceless Gray Eminence in the background, he directs the events in From Moscow with love (From Russia With Love) from 1963 and Fireball (Thunderball) from 1965.

In You only Live Twice (You Only Live Twice) from 1967, as well as in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) from 1969 and also in Diamond fever (Diamonds Are Forever) from 1971, he personally intervenes in the action.

During the opening credits of On a deadly mission (For your eyes only) from 1981, Blofeld tries as a "guest villain" one last time to eliminate Bond.

In 1963 and 1965, the criminal genius with a weakness for white Persian cats was embodied by the Scottish actor Anthony Dawson (* 1916, † 1992).

In 1967, Blofeld was played by the British character actor Donald Pleasence (* 1919; † 1995), who gave the figure its "first face" and made it a pop culture icon with the striking appearance with the scar.

In 1969 the American actor and singer Telly Savalas (* 1922, † 1994) took over the part and in 1971 the British film and theater actor Charles Gray (* 1928; † 2000) slipped into the role of the Mao suit-wearing villain.

In 1981, the badly battered Blofeld was portrayed by the British actor John Hollis (* 1931; † 2005).

[Note 1: In the translations of From Moscow with love and Fireball became Blofeld's organization in PHANTOM translated. In the following article, including any quotations, only the original term is used SPECTER used.]

[Note 2: This article only refers to the antagonist from the classic film series. For further Blofeld incarnations see below in the segment "More Blofeld articles in the Bond Wiki“.]

Character biography Edit source]

Greetings from Moscow Edit source]

To avoid the death of his best agent, Dr. To avenge No, the mysterious Ernst Stavro Blofeld entrusts his subordinates number 3, the Soviet secret service director who defected to SPECTER, and number 5, his chief strategist and world chess champion Tov Kronsteen, with the elimination of the British MI6 agent James Bond. At the same time, the highly developed Russian decryption machine “Lector” is to be stolen and returned to the Soviet Union for an exorbitant sum.

The two SPECTER agents prepare a trap by offering the British government the prospect of the decryption machine that will in turn set their best man, James Bond, on the case. This is to be liquidated by the assassin Red Grant, specially trained for this mission by SPECTER's chief instructor Morzeny.

After the plan has failed, however, Blofeld calls Klebb and Kronsteen to report, where both blame each other for the defeat. To set an example, Blofeld has Kronsteen, who as an architect failed miserably on this mission, executed Morzeny and gives Klebb one last chance to get rid of Bond after all.

Fireball [edit | Edit source]

At his headquarters in Paris, Blofeld attends a meeting of the top SPECTER agents and first receives reports on the success of the organization's recent operations. Since one of the agents, number 9, has embezzled money, Blofeld eliminates him with a high-voltage device placed under his chair as a public example. Then he hands over the floor to his deputy Emilio Largo alias number 2.
He is the head of SPECTER's largest project to blackmail the United Kingdom into diamonds with two nuclear missiles stolen by NATO for a sum of 280 million US dollars, i.e. 100 million British pounds.

While Largo is executing the plan, Blofeld has his agent Count Lippe alias number 4 executed after he was responsible for a massive security risk at a sensitive point in the operation. Shortly thereafter, he addressed the English Prime Minister directly in a recorded message to make SPECTER's demands.

After James Bond prevented the project, he went into hiding to prepare for his next coup.

You only live twice Edit source]

After the failure of the previous operations, Blofeld personally oversees the latest SPECTER project and has a base built inside an extinct volcano in Japan, the crater opening of which is covered with a special device so that it looks from the outside as if there was a lake inside educated. SPECTER's plan is to provoke a nuclear war between the USA and the Soviet Union in order to take over the world together with China after the global nuclear Armageddon.

To start the war, SPECTER kidnaps both Soviet and American space capsules and stores them, as well as the captured astronauts, inside the volcanic base. Since the British government was able to secure traces in the matter of the missing space capsules, which lead to Japan, James Bond, after faking his death, investigates and, with the support of the Japanese secret service chief Tiger Tanaka, can actually identify Blofeld as the man behind the wire.

For his part, Blofeld has found out that Bond is still alive and orders two of his agents in Japan, the chemical company manager Osato and Helga Brandt, alias number 11, to eliminate him. For their failure, he plunges Brandt into his piranha basin and gives Osato another chance. After further unsuccessful attacks, Bond is able to infiltrate the base and take the place of one of Blofeld's astronauts. But shortly before he can get into the SPECTER rocket, Blofeld notices the deception and has Bond brought to him in the control room, where he introduces himself personally to the MI6 agent for the first time.

He reveals to Bond that he does not want to kidnap this final space capsule - but rather destroy it in order to give the final impetus to war. Bond, who is also supposed to die, asks his last wish to be allowed to smoke a cigarette. However, this is a camouflaged mini-missile with which he can wreak havoc and open the crater hatch long enough to allow Tiger Tanaka and his ninja troops to enter before he is caught again.
A bitter battle breaks out between the SPECTER henchmen and the Japanese agents. During the battle, Blofeld manages to make his way to his monorail with Bond as a hostage, where he kills Osato for failing again. In the end he wants to shoot Bond, but Tanaka disarms him with a throwing star.

With a wounded arm, Blofeld is able to save himself in the gondola of his monorail and escape to a secret area of ​​the base, where he triggers the base's self-destruct mechanism before he finally escapes in the thunder of the explosions.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service Edit source]

After the failure of his last master plan, Blofeld went into hiding in Switzerland, where he continued to live as Comte Balthazar de Bleuchamp and, supported by his assistant Irma Bunt, ran a noble sanatorium for allergies on the summit of Piz Gloria. In his quest to gain the title of Count de Bleuchamp To secure all rights and privileges at all costs, he turns to the Royal Heraldry Institute in London through his lawyer in Bern. That lawyer also recruits people from the Corsican mafia boss Marc Ange Draco, with whose daughter Tracy James Bond is romantically linked, and thus unintentionally provides 007 with an indication of Blofeld's whereabouts for the first time in two years.

Blofeld invites Bond, posing as Sir Hilary Bray, a heraldist, to his institute on Piz Gloria so that he can confirm the genetic trait of missing earlobes, which is typical of the de Bleuchamps family members. In his private sanatorium he also houses a group of attractive young women from all over the world on the pretext of treating them for their respective allergies, but actually brainwashing them to turn them into his clueless sleeper agents.
As soon as they return to their home countries, they are supposed to spread a specially created poison gas that would sterilize grain and other crops and thus destroy global agriculture.

When Blofeld finds out, however, that the supposed heraldry expert is Bond, a grueling ski chase ensues in the Swiss Alps, led by the criminal mastermind personally. After the secret agent managed to escape, Blofeld brings Tracy under his control and once again turns to the British government with a blackmail message and threatens to spread a global epidemic with his biological warfare agent. In addition to an exorbitant ransom, he also demands a comprehensive amnesty for his previous crimes and the recognition of the de Bleuchamps' nobility.

After the British government is unwilling to take action against him because of the global risk, Blofeld is attacked on his own by Bond, along with Draco and his men. After his institute is destroyed and his men overrun, Blofeld escapes on a remote bobsleigh track, but is caught by Bond. During the descent there is a bitter fight between them, which ends with Blofeld being torn from the bobsleigh at full speed by a fork sticking out onto the track and apparently breaking his neck.

However, Blofeld survived, but is dependent on a ruff, and pursues James Bond, who has since given up the life of an agent and married Draco's daughter Tracy, on his way to the honeymoon. On the way, Blofeld roars past in his car and Bunt fires a machine gun at the newlyweds' vehicle while overtaking.

Bond survived, but Tracy was fatally wounded.

Diamond fever Edit source]

Since the murder of Tracy, Blofeld has been pursued by Bond, who is looking for revenge, and is ultimately tracked down in a secret SPECTER facility in South America, where he is currently using cosmetic surgery to create a series of doppelgangers. During the confrontation, Bond apparently succeeds in killing Blofeld by sinking him, strapped to a lounger, into a vat of boiling cosmetic mud. However, this was just another double, while the real Ernst Stavro Blofeld is preparing his next coup from Las Vegas.

He has secretly kidnapped the withdrawn large entrepreneur Willard Whyte and is using his resources to acquire a sizeable contingent of African diamonds. He then has all members of the smuggling ring eliminated through his middleman Bert Saxby, Whyte's former right-hand man, as potential confidants of his contract killer duo Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd.
In the penthouse office of Whytes office building in Las Vegas there is another encounter between Blofeld and Bond, who is supposed to investigate the diamond smuggling operation. He sets a trap for the MI6 agent who is suddenly faced with two armed Blofelds. Bond uses a trick to recognize the supposedly real villain and shoots him. It was just another doppelganger, however, while the real one knocked him out with an anesthetic gas and orders Wint & Kidd to get rid of Bond.

Blofeld uses the diamonds to construct a laser satellite that he uses to destroy a US nuclear missile silo, a Soviet nuclear submarine and a missile base in China. Then he starts a morbid auction from his headquarters, an oil platform off the California coast, in which he guarantees the highest bidder sole nuclear supremacy by destroying all nuclear weapons of the other states.