Which is better PSP or PS Vita


PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita are portable game consoles from the Japanese company Sony. In 2003, Sony introduced the announcement of a pocket console that was comparable to the PlayStation 2 in terms of technology and graphics.

Which console is better to choose: PSP or PS Vita.

Despite the proliferation of Android mobile devices that offer a wide range of handheld entertainment, portable consoles remain popular. In addition, both new and older versions are being sold successfully.

Possible reasons for this popularity are as follows:

  • The main difference from Android is the ability to play full PS games. In particular for the PSP, numerous games with full functionality of various genres have been published in excellent quality.
  • Comfortable operation, similar to the PS joystick. The console is easy to use and responsive to management.
  • Speed, the ability to download content or buy the game on a special disc.
  • The presence of additional functions such as listening to music, watching videos, going online. You can also play online with other players.

For comparison, which is better: PSP or PS Vita - note the main features of these consoles.

PlayStation Portable

The console was announced in 2003, launched in 2005, and immediately gained popularity. Since then produced in different versions. Currently available for PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSP E1000. Despite the release of a more modern and powerful PS Vita, it is still selling successfully.

Technical characteristics:

  • 4.3-inch screen (10.9 cm);
  • 16: 9 screen format;
  • 480 × 272 resolution;
  • LCD TFT matrix;
  • 167,700 screen colors (PSP-3000);
  • 333 MHz processor;
  • 64 MB RAM;
  • eDRAM video memory;
  • 1200 mAh battery (PSP E1000 - 925 mAh);
  • Dimensions 16, 9 × 7, 1 × 1.9 cm (PSP-3000);
  • Weight 189 grams (PSP-3000);
  • Support for MS DUO memory cards;
  • Wi-fi;
  • AV, USB and headphone connections;
  • Work from the network, from the battery up to 6 hours, charging up to 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The PSP-2000 is the first console update. The weight and dimensions have decreased, the possibility of charging the battery via USB and connecting it to the television via a special cable, and the RAM has been expanded from 32 to 64 GB.

PSP-3000 appeared in late 2008. Dimensions and weight have not changed, but the design performance has changed slightly: the joystick buttons have become more convex, the control panel under the screen is smooth, the control panel under the buttons on the right is light concave. The speakers are now on top, the memory card installation mechanism has become more convenient: you no longer have to turn the case. In general, the design has become a bit more comfortable and ergonomic. The model has a brighter and more saturated display, a built-in microphone has appeared. The capacity of the battery has decreased, 1200 mAh instead of 1800 mAh, but due to the optimization of power consumption, the life of the battery has increased on the contrary. But the full charge time has been cut in half.

The PSP E1000 was released in 2011 as an affordable version. It has only one speaker, no Wi-Fi module and a smaller battery with 925 mAh. It did not get a lot of popularity, at the moment it is very difficult to find it for sale.

PlayStation Vita

The first appearance of the new console model in 2011 was promising. Sony has developed a device with incredible technical capabilities for a pocket console:

  • 5 inch screen ”;
  • 16: 9 screen format;
  • 960 × 544 resolution;
  • OLED display technology;
  • 16.7 million screen colors;
  • 4-core processor up to 2 GHz;
  • 512 MB RAM;
  • built-in flash memory for 1 GB;
  • 128 MB video memory;
  • 2210 mAh battery;
  • Dimensions are 18, 2 × 8, 4 × 1.9 cm;
  • Weight is 279 grams;
  • special PS Vita card up to 64 GB;
  • Wi-Fi or 3G (depending on the model) and Bluetooth;
  • built-in microphone, stereo speakers;
  • Battery life up to 9 hours, charging time up to 2 hours and 40 minutes;
  • Support for MPEG-4, AAC, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, MP3;
  • built-in GPS module (3G model);
  • two video cameras;
  • Touchpad multi-touch.

PS Vita is a multifunctional device, there is an internet browser, a navigator and many useful applications besides games. The console can be used as a joystick for PS3 and PS4.

It seems that in the PSP versus PS Vita duel, the latter, which differs from the PSP in terms of powerful hardware and software, definitely wins. It's more modern and advanced in functions. In this case, consider why the PSP continues to be popular.

Choose between PSP and Vita

A comparison of the PS Vita with the PSP shows a clear technical advantage. But there are key points that will make you wonder if just buying Vita is worth it:

  • Number of games. PSP differs from PS Vita in that a large number of games are published on it, ten times or even more. And they're very well developed, including graphics and controls. Games are published on PS Vita, but much fewer and really high quality ones can be counted on the fingers. It seems that Sony has just lost interest in portable consoles, intrigued by the battle with Microsoft and the Xbox One. And in the heyday of the PSP, on the contrary, it was about improving diversity and functionality. Currently, both consoles are hacked and games can be downloaded for free by torrenting and file sharing. The selection is also much larger for the PSP.
  • Graphics PS Vita really has the power and performance. The problem, however, is that few games use these graphics features. Here again, obviously, the problem of the developers' lack of interest in the format. That said, the PSP is not so much lost to Vita.

  • Availability The main problem with the PSP is that it is gradually disappearing from stores. The company no longer produces or supports it. Therefore, it is usually possible to find such a prefix only in specialty stores. Usually the console is sold already flashed. As a rule, this PSP-3000 model is the most successful in all respects.

When deciding to buy a PSP or a new, technically mature PS Vita, think about the purpose for which you need a portable set-top box. If it is believed that the main function - that is exactly the game, and you will often play for a long time, then buy a PSP. It's really better and more interesting, all the popular games have appeared, including the exclusive ones from Sony.

If you're not a keen gamer, gamble infrequently, but want to enjoy excellent graphics, Vita is for you. Various applications have been developed for this, and new games continue to appear. Hopefully the company will turn its attention back to portable consoles and offer an update to the model's range of games and features in the future. It is possible that portable consoles will be permanently replaced by smartphones and tablets.