Who is the strongest sword fighter in the anime

Top 20 exciting sword fights in the anime

Action and adventure are often part of the shonen genre, among other things. This is accompanied by the introduction of various fighting styles and weapons.

Be it magic or just simple physical power, the battles are always something fans look forward to. However, when it comes to two people fighting in a confined space with shiny and sharp swords, they almost definitely go wild.

I don't know what they are about, but seeing the gun become like an expanded organ and a little flaw that leads to death wows the audience.

Be it old-fashioned samurai style or the various variations of modern techniques, with the perfect background music, any well-executed sword fight will draw a large audience.

The fast disk and scabbard when a leaf falls in half or the blade only stops with the point, all these moments, although they are a cliché, are something that make our hearts beat faster.

From Ichigo's sword of various shapes to Tanjirou's gentle sword, every anime that focuses on this has found huge popularity.

Because of this, there is no shortage of incredible sword fights, with few standing above the others.

[Disclaimer - spoilers ahead]

20. Mitsunari Vs. Masamune - 'Sengoku Basara'

You never thought that sword fights could be so dazzling.

Mitsunari was upset at the death of Hideyoshi and Ieyasu's alliance with Masamune. The fight between them was spectacular.

The madness contained in Sengoku Basara was brought to the fore as The fighters wielded six swords to create huge glyphs of energy that correspond to the nuclear explosions.

19. Shiro vs. Archer - 'Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Labor'

The fight between Shiro and Archer is one of the highlights of the show. Both have two matching blades and collide with each other.

With the ability to recreate broken weapons, Shiro manages to push back Archer, although Archer is more skilled.

The background music seems to be a motivating factor for Shiro as he steers himself and gets serious.

With swords and magic this fight is an unforgettable one.

18. Kirito vs. Heathcliff - 'Sword Art Online'

While it may be a fight within a game, the sword game felt more real than ever.

To free the minds of all players, Kirito had a one-on-one battle against Heathcliff, the game's creator.

The latter easily sent his attacks with his overpowering abilities, but just when it was all about to end, Asuna sacrificed herself and The power of love and the sword naturally allowed him to win.

17.Jubei Vs. Mujuro - 'Ninja Scroll'

A sword fight to the death definitely has a place on this list.

Jubei and the blind samurai Mujuro take inspiration from other incredible sword styles like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon and fight each other.

Despite his clear disadvantage in terms of visibility, Mujuro keeps pace with his opponent and even manages to blind him by reflecting light from his sword.

While the fight isn't exactly fair due to Kagero's interference, this action sequence is rated highly.

16. Teresa Vs. Priscilla, Irene, Sophia and Noel - 'Claymore'

This sword fight goes beyond what is humanly possible.

Both sides fight so fast that our eyes can barely see the movements.

As they collide, even the bridge they are on begins to break into pieces.

While the animation is fluid, the techniques intertwine, resulting in the viewer having no idea what is going on.

Even so, their nonchalant and superhuman way of fighting is enough to get our attention.

15. Inuyasha Vs. Sesshomaru - 'Inuyasha'

As expected from a show with two legendary swords, Inuyasha is home to a large number of fights.

However, the one between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru during the final act is most praised.

Both brothers fall into Naraku's trap, fight each other and gain an advantage over the other.

When Inuyasha becomes a full demon, he somehow regains himself and toasts Sesshomaru with the help of his Tessaiga.

Since the latter have a piece of Kanna's mirror, their skills are equally attuned, and the fight ends with them using a counter-wave against each other.

14. Sasuke Vs. Killer Bee - 'Naruto Shippūden'

It is quite surprising that Naruto shows few swordsman masters in the long run.

Well, not surprising at second glance, considering the show is more focused on chakra and jutsus, but in fact the number of sword users can be counted on one hand.

The first character that comes to mind is Sasuke, whom Killer Bee quickly follows. With two consecutive swordsmen, the battle was, as expected, spectacular.

Sasuke's chidori blade and Bee's six sword technique collided again and again and shocked fans at all levels.

For the first time, the Uchiha prodigy seemed to have found its match, and similarly, the Jinchuriki felt threatened enough to transform into their eight-tailed form.

The fight between them was incredible and definitely one that audiences would remember even after the series ended.

13. Guts vs. Griffith - "Berserker"

While not as noticeable as other battles on this list, the symbolism behind the Guts and Griffith fight adds to its importance.

As the first exchange of these fateful enemies, this clash was an emotional blow.

The contrast between Guts' brutal style and Griffith's sleek sword style impressed fans.

Especially when the series ended and they looked back on that fight, the opposite results showed how far these characters had come.

Guts' raw technique had been improved through numerous battles, while Griffith stayed the same.

This simple fight between them was meant for the fans to look back on their life journey and it is mainly for this reason that it is on this list.

12. Satsuki Vs. Ryuko - 'Kill La Kill'

Although shunned by many due to his oversexualization of characters, the richness of his plot and animation is undeniable.

In fact, the battle between Satsuki and Ryuko managed to get 13th on this list in just the third episode.

When they started crashing Ryuko was at a disadvantage because he could not convert Senketsu, which Satsuki took advantage of and activated Junketsu.

In the end, this flashy and momentous sword fight came to a tie. What makes this scene a heartbeat is that when you watch it again, you realize that Satsuki is guiding her opponent to make her a better warrior.

This small but important detail adds to the overall look.

11. Nanashi Vs. Luo-Lang - "Sword of the Stranger"

The battle between Nanashi and Luo-Lang is considered to be one of the most intense battles of all time.

They both face each other on the roof of a collapsing building and with their beautifully animated movements and background music it feels like we're really witnessing it.

When Nanashi and Luo-Lang face each other and avoid each other, their surroundings turn to dust, but they don't stop. This exciting sword fight between them is number 10 on this list.

10. Mika Vs. Moon Demon Company - "Seraph of the End"

This particular sequence contains both action and emotion.

As with most fights, the fluidity of movements and techniques is well animated. What sets it apart, however, is that you can see how far Mika can go to save his family.

Although he is fighting for his life, he does not kill anyone and holds on to his morals.

9. Afro Vs. Jinno - "Afro Samurai"

It takes a lot to defeat your best friend who has given in to his anger and desire for revenge. The fight between Afro and Jinno was both exciting and heartbreaking.

After the former walked the dark path, Jinno, a sword master who fought for honor, had to stop him.

When he lost his mask and began using a single sword, the fight took a sharp turn as both began to fight more violently than ever.

What made this scene even more impressive was the iconic background music.

While Afro got the upper hand in the end, this tragic yet spectacular show of swordsmanship is ingrained in our minds.

8. Saber Vs. Assassin - 'Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Labor'

Two equally impressive styles of swords make their debut in this fight. When Saber is on the way to save her master, she is stopped by the Assassin.

As the two meet, the latter's katana and hidden sword techniques manage to gain the upper hand over the knight.

Regardless of the short duration of the fight, the main focus was the collision of the different styles against each other.

7. Yato Vs. Rabo - "Noragami"

All Yato ever wanted was to remember and have his own shrine built, and when he found someone who could do both, another god threatened her.

Rule number one of any anime is never to hurt the protagonist's girl or risk her becoming apeshit. This is exactly what happened when Rabo threatened and injured Hiyori.

With flashing blue eyes, Yato showed no mercy as he struck with his sword. His fighting style could be described as beautiful but deadly.

Within a few moments He overpowered his opponent and showed exactly why he was the god of misfortune.

6. Zoro Vs. Ryuma - "One Piece"

As one of the few anime that defined a generation, its battles have always drawn attention.

When we talk about the best sword fighting, there is no way we can leave out the three sword user - Zoro.

While he was constantly providing us with spectacular battles, his duel against Ryuma was the one that blew us away.

Although the latter was more experienced, Zoro used two swords to match each attack and even countered with a stronger one.

With varying abilities, this match between a dead swordmaster and a living one definitely deserves its place on this list.

5. Char vs. Amuro - "Gundam"

When thinking of a sword fight, one can imagine two people wearing traditional clothing (perhaps old samurai clothing) and fighting as if their lives depend on it.

However, Gundam defies all expectations and presents the audience with something they never knew they needed, that is, people fighting in spacesuits.

The epic battle between Amuro and Char balances out perfectly so that it isn't too strange or ordinary and just interesting enough.

The rivalry between these two builds throughout the show and the final fight is unforgettable.

When they leave the safety of their robots and fight each other, The scene of them jumping through the rubble in zero gravity is why this sword fight is high on our list.

4. Jin Vs. Mugen - 'Samurai Champloo'

Samurai Champloo is full of eccentric characters with sword styles unique to their personality.

Mugen's energetic fighting style, unlike Jin's smooth, calm, and traditional fighting style, leads to frequent clashes.

From their first encounter, swords are drawn as they try to defeat one another.

What sets this fight apart from the above is that both Jin and Mugen use the stationary objects around them along with their swords.

Be it throwing pots and dishes on top of each other or even setting the whole place on fire, the environment plays an active role.

This, along with that Hip hop sword style in contrast to traditionalMake the fights between them addicting to watch.

3. Kenshin Vs. Shishio - 'Rurouni Kenshin'

Rurouni Kenshin is one of the original swords-centered anime, and its influence is easy to spot in the later shows.

Man Hunter Kenshin is the best swordsman in the series, using a special inverted-edged sword so as not to hurt anyone.

However, when the situation calls for it, he defeats even the toughest opponents and shows the superiority of his skills.

Kenshin, confronting Shishio's mercilessness and his flaming sword, forms a direct contrast between their fighting styles and ideologies.

While the former uses only the blunt side of his blade, the latter burns and (literally) breaks his body down to fight.

Since both were fatally injured, the stakes were never higher.

It's that thrill of seeing two men struggle for their lives and beliefs that fans crave.

2. Gintoki Vs. Takasugi - "Gintama"

Gintama is one of the highest rated shows, and while its parody genre fends off a few, it has built a huge fan base.

As any avid viewer of this series would say, Gintama's comedic scenes are just the prerequisites for the more powerful moments.

Behind his carefree face, Gintoki's past is devastating and haunts him to this day.

When he faces his former friend and greatest opponent, Takasugi, years of emotions are expelled in bottles and a bloody sword fight begins.

True to its nickname "White Demon" Gintoki displays exceptional sword skills that reflect both his past and the new changes in his life.

On the other hand, Takasugi's self-sacrifice shows when he equals his opponent evenly.

This battle has tragic undertones as the old friends who have become enemies fight each other to the death.

1. Ichigo Vs. Byakuya - "bleach"

The duel between Ichigo and Byakuya is the best anime sword fight. During the completion of the Ryoka Invasion Arc, Ichigo confronts the Captain and releases his newly learned Bankai.

As their fight continues, his hasty and hot-headed and Byakuya's stoic and gentle fighting styles create a spectacular scene.

Ichigos Zangetsu and Byakuya's Sakura like Bankai reveal that the audience gasps, which only increases with increasing speed The former manifests its inner hollow.

With a similarly overwhelming ending, this fight will be anchored in the minds of fans for years to come.

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