Why is Twitter still doing so badly?

What can you do if your Twitter account has been suspended?


Table of Contents

  1. Company profiles on Twitter
  2. When does Twitter lock accounts?
  3. What rights do I have to content and profiles on Twitter?
  4. What help does Twitter offer if an account is blocked?
  5. Legal options in the event of account blocking
  6. Twitter account suspension checklist
  7. Frequent questions and answers

1. Company profiles on Twitter

Many companies create an account on Twitter. No wonder: Like Facebook & Co., the social network offers a wide range and countless possibilities for marketing:

Twitter is an information channel that provides information about the latest information from the industry. Twitter users are open to new ideas and interested in interactions. On the one hand, companies can increase their brand awareness and, on the other hand, communicate with users. In this way, companies increase their reach, improve their image and address new customers on the Internet. Direct contact offers fundamental advantages. Companies use the short communication channels on Twitter to build stable customer relationships. They answer user questions quickly and easily. Dialogue with influencers and industry experts enables valuable relationships to be established. Users of the short message service can follow other accounts and express their opinion on current topics. They can give tips and point out alternative solutions.

It is all the more annoying when companies invest a lot of time and money into setting up your Twitter account, but it is suddenly blocked. An important marketing channel then fails.


2. When does Twitter block accounts?

Twitter keeps blocking accounts. Different legal regulations in the different countries, fake news or violations of the guidelines of Twitter can be the reason for this.

Many users then naturally ask: “Why is my Twitter account blocked?” Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, Twitter has targeted younger users in particular. The data protection rules stipulate that Twitter must keep data from under 16s may only save with the consent of the parents. The result: If an account shows a year or date of birth that is too young, an algorithm blocks it. Therefore, not only young people are affected, but also companies, imaginary people and blogs. Twitter itself states that it is want to improve security on the Internet. The most common reasons for an account suspension on Twitter are:

  • Copyright Infringement
  • Publication of stolen data
  • Third Party Advertising
  • Insults
  • security questions
  • improper conduct
  • offensive username
  • Discrimination
  • Violation of the rules on data protection
  • Spam
  • hacked account

If Twitter blocks a user's account, the reason does not always have to be abusive behavior. Reasons for this could be an incorrectly entered date of birth. Or a hacker attack: Here Twitter blocks the hacked account until the rightful owner can access it again. Whether or not Twitter blocks an account is a decision on a case-by-case basis. These are made by an employee of the short message service in accordance with internal guidelines - but the decision is often not final.

3. What rights do I have to content and profiles on Twitter?

In its General Terms and Conditions (GTC), Twitter clarifies what rights users have to their profile and the content published there. The terms and conditions of Twitter say: "What is yours, remains yours". The owners of accounts are the "owners" of their profile.

But: Twitter receives a free license to all media and content. Twitter may therefore use, duplicate, reproduce, change, transmit, display and distribute the content. The short message service may forward any content to connected individuals, companies or organizations. Twitter is allowed to earn money with the content without you receiving any compensation. However, it is much more important: By registering, you guarantee that you have the rights to all content. If Twitter takes over content from your profile for which you have no rights, you may be liable for damages.

4. What help does Twitter offer if an account is blocked?

The short message service Twitter offers help to its users when an account is blocked. How users can proceed depends on the Reason for the account suspension.

Twitter asks for confirmation from the account owner

If Twitter suspects that an unauthorized person is using the account, the rightful owner must unblock the account. The best way to do this is as follows:

  • Sign in to the account
  • Now the message "Your account has been blocked" appears
  • Tip on "Start"
  • Enter the phone number
  • Sending an SMS with a verification code
  • Enter the verification code and unlock the account

If a Twitter account is linked to an email address, the owner receives an email confirming ownership. The user then only has to click on the confirmation link in the email.

The account was blocked for violating the Twitter rules

If Twitter blocked an account because it violated the guidelines, Twitter will contact the owner. Twitter will often ask for one of these options:

  • Validation of E-Mail address,
  • Adding a phone number,
  • Delete a tweet.

The functions of the account on Twitter are restricted until the owner of the account has completed the required steps.

Erroneous blocking

If a Twitter user assumes that they have been blocked by mistake, they can contact the support team. Twitter processes objections relatively quickly and then notifies the user of the decision.

5. Legal options in the event of account blocking

First of all: Twitter may block accounts that violate its own company guidelines. Of course, this is legally permitted. The company is even legally obliged to block illegal tweets. In civil law, the principle of private autonomy applies. This means that everyone can enter into contracts at will or not. Twitter can decide for itself whether or not to block an account. However, if an account is blocked arbitrarily and for no objective reason, users can defend themselves against Twitter.

The Twitter rules and questions of user security are on one side. On the other hand, there are companies for whom their daily tweets are an important marketing channel and who need help as soon as possible in the event of an account being blocked.

The owner of a blocked account should contact Twitter as soon as possible and inform them that they believe they are "inaccurate". However, the chances of success here are often slim. Because Twitter often only responds to objections with standard phrases. A letter from a lawyer often creates enough pressure for employees to take another look at the matter. If an out-of-court settlement fails, there is only one legal action left. There are various points of contact here.

Twitter generally has "virtual house rights", which means it can block users, delete posts and block accounts. Since Twitter offers its services to the public, the law restricts house rights to a certain extent. The users of the short message service can trust that Twitter treats them and other users equally. The owners of accounts on Twitter therefore do not have to tolerate the following behavior:

  • Exclusion of unwanted opinions,
  • arbitrary action against users,
  • disproportionate measures,
  • contradicting behavior.

If Twitter takes action against a user and, for example, blocks the account, there must be a factual reason for the unequal treatment compared to other users. A lawyer can clarify whether a lawsuit against Twitter is promising or not.

6. Checklist for Twitter account blocking

Twitter has blocked your account and you want to take action against it? Then take our checklist to heart:

First, follow the instructions from Twitter. Request a confirmation email or request a verification code via SMS. If necessary, submit an objection to Twitter support. State that the ban was based on false facts. If these measures are unsuccessful, it is best to hire a lawyer to examine the facts.

7. The 7 most important questions and answers about account suspension on Twitter

1. Why do companies use Twitter?

Twitter has many advantages for businesses. You can communicate directly with customers, convince experts and improve your image. The short message service conveys information to a large number of people. Companies stay in touch and can expand their network through influencers.

2. When is a Twitter account blocked?

Twitter blocks accounts for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the network suspects that the owner of an account is still a minor. Often there is also a violation of the guidelines of Twitter. Typical reasons are copyright violations, unauthorized advertising, improper behavior, or offensive comments. However, Twitter also blocks accounts that unauthorized persons use. Here Twitter wants to protect the rightful owner from abuse.

3. Who has the rights to a profile on Twitter?

Twitter states in its general terms and conditions (GTC) that the rights to an account and the content published there belong to the owner. However, when registering, the user consents to Twitter receiving a license to its content free of charge. Twitter is therefore allowed to change, transmit, reproduce and use content. The short message service may also sell the content of profiles. The user does not receive any compensation for this.

4. Are account lockouts automatic or manual?

Some accounts are blocked by Twitter employees, others are automatic. Twitter blocks all users who - according to the information in the account - are 16 years or younger. Manual blocks are often the result of complaints from other users. The short message service must then examine the complaint and possibly take action against the owner of the account.

5. Twitter account blocked: what to do?

Log into the account and tap on the message "Your account has been blocked" or on "Start". You can then request an SMS with a verification code. If you have deposited an email, you can alternatively request a confirmation link. Sometimes Twitter also requires you to delete a tweet that violates the guidelines of the short message service. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, you can contact the Twitter support team. In your appeal, state that Twitter assumed false facts when the account was blocked.

6. Can you take legal action against the blocking of your account before a court?

In principle, Twitter is allowed to block accounts and delete comments that violate the guidelines. But: A blocking may not be arbitrary and without objective reason. Twitter must not exclude unwanted opinions or behave inconsistent. Often only a specialized lawyer can clarify whether a procedure is promising or not.

7. Twitter account blocked: How long does the block last?

If an account is blocked on Twitter, the block is permanent. Twitter only lifts the block if the owner has taken the desired measures. If the account was deleted due to an offensive tweet, the short message service will activate the account again after a countdown of 12 hours. Unlocking your Twitter account, a period of at least 12 hours is normal for the unlocking.