How do you say explore in French

French Guyana

The French Guiana overseas departmentthat adhere to the Amazon region is a paradise for explorers. The activities of this destination are as varied as the costume colors of the Touloulous, the queens of the Guyanese carnival. Explore the untouched nature in the jungle of the overseas department. Go on the pirogue River Maroni up, watch you Turtles laying eggs and explore the remains of the prison of the former penal colony. In addition to the great natural sites, that too Guyana Space Center a real highlight. State-of-the-art rockets launch in Kourou.

Tips for your trip to French Guiana - the most important sights and excursion tips:

On your trip, discover the 400-year history of French Guiana, in which Europeans, Africans, Indians and Indians all play a role.

- Cayenne

The extent of all these cultural influences are mainly in the Capital Cayenne visible. Go around that Place des Palmistes Stroll in the historic city center and look at the beautiful Creole-style houses with their lavish balconies. On the central market immerse yourself in a sea of ​​colors and spicy scents, between tropical fruits and vegetables, Laotian ti'punch and soups.

- Discover the extraordinary fauna and flora

Explore the Botanical Garden French Guyanas between Cayenne and Kourou: There is an extraordinary collection of more than 740 orchid species on a total of three hectares. On the way back to Cayenne you can take a side trip over Roura to cool off in the Fourgassier waterfall. A nice excursion tip, especially for families! Also a sailing tour to the Îles du Salut before Kourou is recommended. Until 1947, the prison of French Guiana was located on this archipelago with three islands. The remains can be seen on the Île Saint-Joseph and the Île Royale. The Île du Diable (Devil's Island), where political prisoners were locked up, is not accessible due to strong currents.

- Visit Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni

The memory of the prison is also in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, which was declared a "prison parish" in 1880, is ubiquitous. Starting with the camp that was built by the inmates themselves. Overall, this past has left the city with a unique architectural legacy: the writer Albert Londres, who campaigned for the prosecution of the prison, even nicknamed Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni “Little Paris”.

In Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, the mouth of the opens up Chestnut River, the longest river in French Gayana that separates it from Suriname. At the same time, the river is considered one of the entrances to the Amazon Park: an area of ​​30,000 km2 that can only be reached by plane or canoe!

Some activities to discover the Amazon

Exploring the Amazon forest is one of the highlights of the trip through French Guiana. Climb the chestnuts by Pirogue and spend the night in a hammock in between "Carbets" (traditional huts that are often in the trees).
The Kaw swamps are also worth seeing. With an area of ​​94,700 hectares, that is it third largest nature reserve in France. On its rivers we meet red ibises, herons and especially caimans. Between the rivers Chestnuts and Organ subscription is the nature reserve Alama the area of Sea turtles: Leatherback turtles lay their eggs in June-July. An unforgettable moment not to be missed.
Experience the Cayenne Carnival! For six to ten weeks, the so-called “Touloulous”, the queens of Carnival masked from head to toe, lead the dance in their costumes from the 18th and 19th centuries.

A look at the Guyanese cuisine

Exploring French Guiana is a journey through the flavors of the whole world as the influences of the Creole, Indian or Brazilian cuisine are very strong. Many dishes are prepared with a dash of the local rum to enhance their flavor.

Try the smoked one Chicken and Smoked Fish. The abundant fish is served with a wide variety of dishes in French Guiana and is also used to prepare sauces and broths. During your vacation in French Guiana, you can even try dishes with Laotian influences: In the small one Cacao village a refugee has lived since 1977 Hmong community from Laos. So there are also Chinese soups and Papaya salad on the menu.