Which is better AKM DP28 or M416

This PUBG Mobile guns guide is all about the good ol 'AKM. Here's everything you need to know about this weapon. The AKM is one of the most powerful weapons in hand-to-hand combat, and there is hardly a way around learning to use it. So in this guide, we'll cover the following topics: First, we'll talk about the AKM's stats and recoil pattern to explain how bad the recoil is compared to the competition. You'll also learn how to use the AKM to get the best possible performance. Then we'll talk about when you should use this weapon and provide some useful tips.

The advantages of the AKM

Why is the AKM still one of the most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile even though there are few weapons like the Uzi, Vector and M762 that can outperform the AKM? The main reason is quite simply the damage. Everyone knows that of all assault rifles, the AKM does the most damage, around 48.

Such high damage is done by the gun using 7.62 ammunition, which is basically sniper ammunition. So if you land a headshot, you will deal 2.3 times more damage than usual. Accordingly, you can easily shoot an enemy if they are not wearing a helmet. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you should always try to aim your crosshair at the opponent's head.

The DPS of the AKM

If we turn to the damage per second we land at 470. This is really a big deal because most other weapons fall behind. At the same time, you should keep an eye on the bullet speed, which affects your hit rate. You may have noticed that shooting moving vehicles with the AKM mostly goes nowhere.

The reason for this lies mainly in the low projectile speed. The AKM's projectiles move 200 meters per second slower than those of 5.56 assault rifles such as the M416 and SCAR-L. This is not a problem if your target is less than 100 meters away. However, as the distance increases, aiming becomes increasingly difficult. Responsible for this are the slow projectile speed and the extremely high recoil.

The AKM spray

Speaking of recoil, the spray pattern on this weapon is also important. In PUBG Mobile, you can enjoy the recoil of any weapon in practice mode. Ideally, shoot a weapon with and without accessories at least five times. This will help you understand how the gun warps. The pattern of the AKM without accessories with the exception of the red dot sight is quite predictable. The recoil is mostly horizontal and easy to counteract.

Many gamers believe that adding a muffler to the AKM will also result in more recoil, but it's actually not that simple. Your silencer recoil will be very manageable. Correct: when you put on the silencer, the recoil increases a little, but this increase is negligible. On the other hand, there are even good reasons to believe that the muffler's recoil is completely random. Many players have had a slightly different experience each time they use the AKM and the silencer. This changes when you attach the compensator, because this means that the recoil is a little less. To put it in a number: around 5%.

AKM versus Beryl and M762

Let us now compare the AKM with its competitors such as the M762. We did the first spray test without accessories, and the recoil is about 15 higher than that of the AKM. This is an advantage for the AKM, but when you start adding accessories to the Beryl, it just keeps getting better. The Beryls has always distinguished itself by being effectively expandable.

In theory, you can also add accessories for the purpose of significantly reducing the recoil from this weapon. You can add attachments like the handle, muzzle, and more to reduce recoil. However, the results have often shown that even with the slightest recoil, the M762 essentially becomes an AKM. In PUBG Mobile, the AKM is a melee weapon that works well up to 50 meters, but falls behind better alternatives if your target is further away. Particularly noteworthy are the M416 and DP-28.

Because of this, you need a secondary weapon that can handle medium-range targets of 50 to 200 meters. One tip that you might find helpful is to always crouch and shoot into the distance. Squatting down increases your stability and the stability of your weapon, so it reduces the recoil.

An AKM exercise routine

Practice shooting from 50 yards away until you are really good at it. If your opponent is more than 50 meters away, above all do not stay the whole lap at this distance and shoot him continuously, because you cannot have that much control over your AKM. Rather, you should learn how to fire targeted bursts: shoot three to five bullets, wait a second, fire the next volley, and so on. It's noticeably easier this way.

However, if you empty the entire magazine in one fell swoop, the recoil of the AKM will go crazy after the fifth shot at the latest, and you will certainly miss your target. The AKM is the best weapon for early game in PUBG Mobile. This is especially true if you've just landed and found the weapon. It does incredible damage to unarmored targets, and that's why the AKM is and remains the favorite weapon of many players. With the exception of the Groza, which is just a drop gun, the AKM has always dominated PUBG.

Although the developers have since added the iconic FAMAS to the game, it has yet to garner any notable attention. Remember to add attachments to this weapon such as the long magazine, compensator, and red dot sight. You may not want to increase the firepower or the damage of the AKM with this, but the weapon does not need that at all; What she really needs is a bit more ease of use.