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VMware Server is unique to other server virtualization products think.
VMware Server is superior and a better value than server virtualization products from other vendors.
The French were far with over 12,000 men think.
The Frenchmen were with more than 12,000 men by far superior.
In short, the risk / return profile is that of conventional real estate investing think.
In short, the risk-return profile is superior to conventional real estate investments.
My Enterprise is far in every way think.
In every measurable sense, my Enterprise is far superior.
Amys and my relationship is yours think.
Amy and I have a superior relationship to yours.
The thrust developed in this way drives the SEABOB think Ahead.
The thrust developed by this process propels the SEABOB forwards in superior style.
Our polishing system is simple, fast, think and environmentally friendly.
Our polishing system is simple, quick, superior and environmentally friendly.
Sheet metal clamping devices are economical with milled devices think.
Clamping fixtures made from sheet metal are economically superior to conventionally milled fixtures.
Spore bottles are the spore syringes in many ways think.
Spore vials are superior to the spore syringes in many ways.
The erosion patterns of this material go far think Materials made by other manufacturing techniques.
The erosion pattern of this material is far superior to materials produced by other production techniques.
Laser epilation is unlike any other method in terms of efficiency and durability think.
Laser epilation is superior to all other methods in terms of its efficiency and permanence.
Regardless, whole dietary supplement is a single extract think.
Regardless, any whole food supplement is superior to a single extract.
All XSL-FO engines are far from here think.
This makes it far superior to all XSL-FO engines.
With reflectControl, the ratio of measuring area to resolution is the same as for all other methods think.
With reflect control, the ratio of the measurement area to the resolution is superior to all other methods.
They are the European working classes think.
They are superior to the European working classes.
Secretly, he feels like his colleagues think.
And he now secretly feels superior to his colleagues.
Plastic pipe systems are metal in many ways think.
Plastic piping systems are superior to metal in many aspects.
In terms of performance, it is far from passive cooling think.
It is far superior to passive cooling in terms of performance.
Possibly the price is the total value think.
Perhaps the price is superior to the overall value.
The GEISS flash heater is far from conventional heating systems think.
The GEISS halogen heating element is far superior to conventional heating systems.
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