Why do buyers upload images to Amazon

The buyer-seller mailbox

The buyer-seller mailbox simplifies and protects communication with external sellers.

To access the buyer-seller mailbox, log into your Amazon.de account and go to the Message Center.

The buyer-seller mailbox offers you the following options:

  • View past communications with sellers on Amazon.de
  • Reply to seller messages
  • Sending attachments to sellers. Supported file types are text files (.txt), PDF files, images (.jpg, .gif and .png), Word documents (.doc and .docx) and others. The message (including attachments) cannot exceed 10MB.

Annotation: We reserve the right to remove attachments with inappropriate content. We reserve the right to decide which content constitutes inappropriate content.

You can use any information provided by the seller to contact him. However, we recommend using the Message Center. This service ensures that emails are filtered for spam and phishing attempts. We also keep a copy of all correspondence. This can be used for A-to-z warranty claims that you submit. If an email you send to the seller isn't delivered, the seller can still see it in the seller communication center. Sellers typically respond to emails within two days.

You can unsubscribe from unwanted messages from third parties. To do this, update your promotional email settings under Email Settings and Notifications.

There are currently no mobile notifications for messages sent by marketplace sellers. If you've only created your account with a mobile number, we recommend adding an email address to your account so you don't miss any important news or updates. If you haven't added an email address, check your inbox in the Message Center for messages from sellers.