Is coriander safe for guinea pigs

  • Hello everybody!

    Guinea pigs are allowed coriander eat? When Yes, how much? Does that count as juice feed or as herbs?

    Thank you very much, Verena

  • Hi,

    So in the food list from this page it says: (for the herbs)

    inflating, appetizing, relaxing

    There is no limit to the feeding of fresh herbs. Dried herbs should be fed a maximum of a handful per animal per week. : wink: ... -20-8.html

    best regards

  • How and where do you get coriander? LG Simone

  • That would interest me too

    ... martha, helga, clara, lotta, oskar, olivia and ella
    rests in peace wilma, paula, henry and lilly

  • How and where do you get coriander? LG Simone

    Sometimes in large grocery stores in pots that you can pull yourself, like basil or parsley or something like that.

    Since we have had pigs, various herbs have grown on our windowsill.


  • Thanks, is also a good idea. LG Simone

  • Hello!
    I fool look in our list under vegetables, instead of herbs for coriander: oops:
    I found the pot of coriander in the plant Cologne, thought it was flat-leaf parsley
    They cleaned it up like I did chocolate: wink:

  • I had the coriander ordered from the supermarket yesterday.
    Got it today let's see if Sammy eats it too, let me surprise you.


    Greetings Melanie and the pigs Galino, Kimba and Inola

  • I would not feed coriander, as it is more suitable for guinea pigs with flatulence.

    The greatness and moral progress
    a nation can be measured by how
    she treats her animals.

  • But herbs always have some effect. Just like Norway plantain or broad-leaved plantain.
    Of course, you can also give coriander like this.

  • Then I can take it with me at the warehouse sale, for 19 cents a packaged like this.

    Sincerely, Jasmin and her animal attachment.

  • Now I'm confused. : shock:
    I've often read here that fresh herbs shouldn't be fed that often, because of possible bladder stones etc. and now it says here that it can be given in unlimited quantities ?? What's right now? Or was the limitation related to dried herbs?
    Really restricted the feeding of parsley and dill, can I feed it often?

    Greetings from Julia and the pigs Lotta, Frida and Alagos!

  • It used to be said that all herbs promote bladder stones. But now we are so far that you can give unlimited fresh herbs and only give the dry herbs little. ... t3163.html

  • Ok, thank you, somehow often came across differently ...
    Then there’s a portion of parsley right now, you’ll be happy ...

    Greetings from Julia and the pigs Lotta, Frida and Alagos!

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