How do I recognize a forgery

How do I recognize a counterfeit watch?

Brand watches have their price, but every now and then you can find offers on the Internet that sound (far too) enticing. There is not always plagiarism behind it and the supposedly original product is not always a branded watch. As a layperson, it's hard to tell the difference between good plagiarism and Original watch to recognize. You can be on the safe side if you only use long-established online shops and stores. Of course, you can also get a bargain from online promotions, but good replicas are a dime a dozen.

The counterfeiters from the well-known industrialized and emerging countries have learned a lot over the years and know very well how to get one Brand watch fakes. In the past, it was wrongly spelled names, similar-sounding brand names and a second hand whose minute is only 50 seconds - today you have to look carefully to spot fake watches.

The classic forgery tips for watches

The glass is an indication of an original and a fake. High quality brand watches usually have a sapphire crystal that is almost indestructible, cheap replica files, on the other hand, have cheap mineral crystal that is also very easy to scratch. A water drop test should provide information about whether mineral glass or sapphire glass. The drop of water should drip from the glass as a unit, if it tiled when the watch is tilted, it is probably a fake.

The seams of the bracelet should be well sewn, stainless steel bracelets should not have any scratches, and the distance from the bracelet to the watch case can also be an indication of a fake watch. It is important, regardless of whether it is a leather or a plastic bracelet, that the bracelet is made well and properly.

The representation on the clock face should be clean and smooth. Fuzzy digits or engravings can be an indication of a replica. The second and minute indicators can also give an indication of the original or fake watch. If you hold the watch in your hands, you can search for comparison images from the Internet with your smartphone or at home on the Internet, where the Original watches for example, can be viewed on the manufacturer's side. The hands for minutes and seconds can differ from the original in terms of width, length, shape and color.

Identifying a fake watch is not easy

Even well-known seals such as the SGS and CE marks are no longer an indication that it is an original product. Security is obtained when the Brand watch is bought in a physical store or an online shop.