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First "bankruptcy" for Amazon Game Studios - Crucible discontinued

Denise Bergert

Just a few months after the release, Amazon's free-to-play game will be discontinued in November.

EnlargeCrucible will be reinstated.
© Relentless / Amazon Games

As Amazon announced in a blog post this week, the action game "Crucible" will be discontinued this year. On November 9, 2020, the developer wants to shut down the servers of the free-to-play game. The team says they don't see a "healthy, sustainable future" for "Crucible". Amazon Games promises all players a refund for their purchases already made. The developer explains more details on his support website.

In-game purchases in "Crucible" have already been deactivated. In the next few months, Amazon Games plans to hold a final playtest and a community celebration in the game. Matchmaking should then be deactivated. Until November 9th, however, it should still be possible to create your own games using the "Custom Game" option. With the closure of the "Crucible" servers and the discontinuation of the game, the Relentless development team will be split between other Amazon games such as "New World".

Amazon's first PC game got off to a bumpy start when it launched on May 20, 2020. Lots of bugs and mistakes spoiled the fun for the first few players. In response, Amazon sent the title back into the closed beta phase in early July. The sale via Steam was thus stopped. Those who wanted to play had to apply for inclusion in the beta since July.