Tesla has a showroom in India

Another gigafactory? Tesla founds subsidiary in India, should examine several locations

Preparations took a long time and the launch announced by CEO Elon Musk has been postponed several times, but now it really seems to be the case: According to local reports and a document published on Twitter, Tesla has founded a subsidiary in India. The headquarters of the company called Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited is located in the capital Bangalore of the southwestern state of Karnataka. In addition, several states are said to have offered Tesla locations for a possible gigafactory in the country.

Top-class management for Tesla India

As early as April 2016, customers in India were able to order electric cars from Tesla and CEO Musk announced a supercharger network in the huge and populous country. Then these plans were delayed, but most recently in October 2020 the Tesla boss described the start of the new year as "safe".

And at least the local subsidiary for it now exists, as can be seen from information on the Ministry of Economic Affairs' website. The founding was discovered on January 8th by an Indian Tesla club, which published excerpts with information on it on Twitter. The managing directors are also named therein. According to a report by the Indian publication Business Today, two of them previously held high positions at Tesla, and the third is also on the board of two other companies.


The top-class cast in a country that has not yet been developed suggests that Tesla has more plans in India than just selling electric cars and energy products. Business Today reports that the company is already looking for land for a possible production facility or development center in India. There will be talks about this in Karnataka and several other states. For the new Tesla headquarters in Karnataka, the industry minister has confirmed that he has offered several locations for a factory.

CEO Musk hinted at Gigafactory construction in 2017

Tesla is currently expanding its gigafactory in China and has started building two more in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany, and near Austin in the US state of Texas. According to reports, the market entry in India has so far been delayed by the requirement that products sold there must at least partially be manufactured in the country itself. Whether this rule was suspended for Tesla initially remained open. CEO Musk had stated in June 2017 that this was a possibility "until a local factory is built".

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