Which countries was Britain able to invade successfully?

imperialism : Only 22 countries were never occupied by the British

London - As is well known, the sun never set in the British Empire, but the English historian Stuart Laycock was amazed when he heard the answer to his son Frederick's question: "How many countries have we British occupied?" After two years of systematic research, the answer is in book form: Almost all countries in the world have become acquainted with the English desire for conquest. Of the 193 United Nations countries that Laycock systematically scrutinized, only 22 remained unscathed by British and British soldiers - in Europe, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Vatican and Sweden were lucky or unlucky. Switzerland was not spared either: during the Gugler War in 1375, English knights under Ivo of Wales plundered the Swiss plateau.

"I was shocked. Similar books could be written in other countries, but they would be shorter, ”writes the author. He had France in mind - which, however, most often had to endure British invasions, starting with the attack of Clodius Albinus on the Gauls, which was not repulsed until 197 near Lyon.

Laycocks A to Z is a balance sheet of global interventionism. In Ethiopia, the English rode elephants. Corfu is now occupied by British tourists, but between 1815 and 1864 it was part of the British Protectorate "United States of the Ionian Islands". Cuba's Guantanamo Bay was once called "Cumberland Bay" ("Brunswick Bay") after it was conquered in 1741 by an English privateer. Iceland was occupied in 1940 after the neutral country refused to fight on the Allied side in the war. Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was occupied by the English in the 18th century, and their troops are still stationed on Cyprus today. Even countries that belong to the Spanish sphere of influence are on Laycock's list. He counts incursions of pirates, privateers and armed explorers supported by the English crown. Laycock urges his readers to submit additions to him if necessary - it is quite possible that he overlooked one or the other skirmish. “We are a belligerent nation that cannot be broken down,” sums up Laycock's publishing house, the “History Press”. How are you supposed to endure it in the EU?

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