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Buying shoes: tips for healthy feet

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Shoes in the wrong size or with high heels can lead to incorrect loads.

Most people are born with healthy feet. But in old age, many have problems with their feet. Shoes are a common cause of foot pain: they can lead to muscle tension and incorrect strain on the knees, hip joints and spine. In order to prevent damage to the foot, there are a few things to consider when buying shoes.

Tips for healthy feet

  • At home: Walk in socks or barefoot as often as possible to relieve the pressure on your feet and train the foot muscles.
  • office: If you stand or walk a lot at work, experts advise you to have an individually made insole. It supports the foot and thus avoids bad posture. Be careful with high-heeled shoes: starting at a heel height of three centimeters, the weight shifts from the heel to the forefoot, which can put strain on the Achilles tendon, for example. Wider heels are cheaper than thin heels because of the better pressure distribution.
  • vacation: Open and half-open shoes are a good choice on hot days. Flip-flops are not suitable in the long term because the toes cling together when they are worn. An airy alternative are sandals that are worn in the front area and the heel with straps. Breathable materials like leather are better than plastic. Ballerinas with very thin leather soles and without a footbed are not suitable for long walking distances. They don't give the foot enough support.
  • Free nature: When running and hiking, it is important to roll correctly. Orthopedic technicians can check the rolling behavior on the treadmill. A special hiking shoe is not absolutely necessary for longer walks in the country. It is important to have a wide, cushioned shoe with a non-slip sole. Hiking boots are only preferable in mountainous terrain because they provide better ankle support.

Tips for buying shoes

Before buying shoes you should Measure feet. To do this, you put your bare feet on a sheet of paper, outline them with a felt pen and cut out the painted foot shape. The correct size for the shoes can be measured on the template with a folding rule, tape measure or ruler.

Shoes should be rather a little too big buy as too small and pay attention to the correct width at the front, because the forefoot must not be constricted.

The best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon, because then the feet are usually a little bigger than in the morning.

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