Do I need a computer for life

6 reasons for a new computer

That's why you need a new PC

Is the computer too slow, does it not offer enough storage space or is it too weak for gaming? When your computer is no longer performing as expected, it's time to upgrade. We'll show you why it's worth getting a new PC.

1. Faster

Data, updates and new programs are gnawing at the performance of your computer. You can rid the computer of garbage data and make it a little faster again, but at some point even the best care is of no use. Long waiting times when booting up and slow programs are annoying and cost valuable work and free time.

2. More spacious

Very old desktop computers and notebooks quickly reach their limits when it comes to hard drive capacity. New models are usually equipped with enough storage space beyond the terabyte limit to store all pictures, songs, games and programs. External hard drives are ideal for storing this data and hosting backups.

3. More practical

If you use a particularly old device, you often have to forego some useful features. Slots for SD cards, USB3.0 or DisplayPort outputs have not been standard for a long time, but they make working and gaming much easier. A new computer makes your digital life a lot easier.

Photo: Beeldbewerking / iStock

4. Stronger

While game developers are in a race to see who can present the best graphics in their game, the demands on PCs are also increasing. Playing games with the most minimal graphic settings reduces the fun - and at a certain point it can even be that the much-anticipated new title no longer works. With a modern graphics card, current top games run smoothly even in high resolutions.

5. More sociable

A lot has happened in the computer market in recent years, especially when it comes to accessibility. Old operating systems are often rather user-unfriendly in this regard. After a short period of familiarization, new systems are much easier to use than their predecessors. The font size can be adjusted if desired, texts can be read out or notes dictated and the night mode integrated in the current Windows protects the eyes from being overstrained.

6. Safer

Outdated PCs are often targeted for viruses and other malware: manufacturers no longer provide old operating systems with updates. Security gaps remain open and can be exploited by attackers. With a bit of bad luck, the hardware of the old computer does not support the latest operating system. An upgrade helps to keep your data safe.