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Poll: Which Rick and Morty character is the best (besides Rick or Morty)?

Another season of “Rick and Morty” has just ended and we got to see some (albeit unfortunately not all) characters from earlier times. If you haven't had enough after the season finale (review) and look through the old seasons again, you should see some great characters and scenes. But which of the supporting characters do you like the most? Vote for your favorite girl, your favorite or your favorite genderless something!

(Disclaimer: Everyone has exactly one vote, so vote wisely! The vote goes almost forever, so that you can check in every few hours / days / years to see whether something has changed ...)

I think the candidates are self-explanatory. Have I forgotten someone? Then off to the comments! I wanted to do a general “Which is the best character in 'Rick and Morty'?” Poll, but that would have surely had the majority of the votes on Rick Sanchez (C-137), so I thought who is the “ Best of the Rest "? I mean, there are so many awards for the best supporting characters in films and series ... And yes, actually I should put Birdperson and Tammy in two options, but on the one hand I couldn't find a good GIF image of Birdperson alone, on the other hand - who chooses Tammy ?! And no, "Pickle Rick" is not a character in its own right, but actually just (our!) Rick in a different shape, so doesn't count, I'm sorry.

Images: Adult Swim