What are addictions responding to

What can be done about the addiction?

Recognize drug use

Drug exposure and addiction to drugs do not develop overnight. A possible "drug career" is preceded by a complex web of causes. These can be found in the Personality of the person concerned, his social environment and the Attraction or the Availability of drugs lie.

  • It often affects people who have not learned to endure conflict or disappointment,
  • People with low self-esteem, fear of failure or of not being recognized in the group or
  • People who are overwhelmed by boredom, anger, fear or loneliness.


Causes for reaching for the drug can also be difficulties in the family, at school or at work, separation from loved ones, little emotional affection, excessive performance expectations or poor future prospects.

Drugs can also create pleasant sensations and temporarily block out bad feelings or make them appear more bearable. Consumption is made easier by the availability of the drug.


Signs of drug use

  • regular consumption of alcohol or consumption of alcohol in large quantities
  • regularly smoking several cigarettes a day
  • Constant use of medication to calm down or relieve stress
  • unusual states of drowsiness and inner absence
  • Restlessness, tremors, sweats
  • pale, sick appearance, weight loss
  • social retreat, giving up or changing friends
  • Neglect or abandonment of hobbies and interests
  • Criminal offenses and / or traffic offenses
  • Listlessness, apathy, permanent fatigue
  • severe drop in performance in school, sport, training or work
  • frequent aggressiveness, depressive behavior
  • inexplicably high demand for money

This one Signs should get to the bottom - especially if they occur frequently or over a longer period of time. Parents can first consult with other caregivers, with teachers, educators or recreational supervisors. If the impression of a problem grows, the support of a Counseling center be helpful.