What are some examples of Unicode characters

Returns the characters for the Unicode code points in the number.
Number - a decimal number that represents one or more Unicode code points
Returned data type
Each group of five digits in the number is treated as a Unicode code point. The character for each five-digit group is returned in the text.
If the number is 0, the function returns an empty string.
If the number is between 1 and 99,999, the function returns a single character.
If the number contains more than five digits, the function returns the string of characters represented by these code points.
• Some Unicode characters can be represented by a single code point or multiple code points. For example, the character ä can be represented by the letter a plus ¨ (trema) or the single character ä. The version of the single code point of this type of character is called a compound character.
Char (0) returns an empty string ("").
Char (97) returns a.
Char (98) returns b.
Char (9800097) returns from.
Char (228) returns ä.
Char (77600097) returns ä. In this case, the number represents two Unicode characters: the letter a and the Trema character. When these two characters appear together in a string, they are displayed as a single character.