Can I play World of Tanks offline?

World of Tanks

Game description:
World of Tanks has to be downloaded, can only be played on the Internet and is basically free of charge. However, add-ons can be bought for real money that are not necessary for a quick game in between, but become almost unavoidable in the later professional game process. Even if the name is strongly reminiscent of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, the two games have relatively little in common. As is possible in the Battlefield series, the players take control of a tank and, together with 14 other players, fight very tactical battles on the Internet against a team of 15 other human players. For each battle, the players receive credit and experience points - this shows the similarities with online role-playing games - with which new tanks and improvements can be bought. There is no act. Getting started is complicated and can be frustrating in the first few rounds. However, once young people have understood the basics, the battles are entertaining and offer a lot of tactical potential. Only vehicles are displayed, there are no visible people in the game and even guns with an open driver's cab only show an empty seat. The tanks are divided into different nations, but in the battles these are wildly mixed up, which reduces possible racist problems but not out of the world.

Pedagogical assessment:
All you need to play World of Tanks is an internet connection and a modern PC. After registering for the game, the game files still have to be downloaded and the players can jump into battle - the age of the players is not checked at any point. However, the game is quite complex and young players quickly lose the fun because of the dry depiction, there are no explicit depictions of violence, but there is shooting and vehicles explode. The tank simulation is aimed more at an adult audience who are enthusiastic about technology and tactics, there is also no plot. The motivation to play is to compete with other players and to win new tanks.
Even if young people do not necessarily represent the core players, the military technology themed by the game exerts a strong attraction on them - the reward mechanisms typical of online role-playing games represent a further incentive for younger players as well. Parents should seek a dialogue with their children here in order to reflect that it is indeed a question of war, although only vehicles are shown. The range of tanks also offers tracked vehicles that were built after the Second World War, but the reference to this historical event is still very useful.

Expenditure of time
World of Tanks can be played "just a little" at the beginner level. The battles end as soon as the enemy base is captured, all enemies are destroyed or simply after 15 minutes. These short skirmishes are fun - provided you understand the game mechanics - but only scratch the idea of ​​the complex simulation. Adult gamers, who sometimes invest a lot of time in the game, form so-called clans and fight tactically well-organized battles against other groups. Almost all of these groups only accept players of legal age, some also accept players aged 16 and over. If young people join such a group and want to play ambitiously, World of Tanks can be very time-consuming. Some clans have fixed training times in which tactical training takes place, in addition to regular battles against other groups. In this case, an hourly account planned jointly by parents and child offers the young people the opportunity to actively participate in professional gaming - but also counteracts excessive gaming. Nevertheless, with such a time limit it is hardly possible to successfully participate in so-called clanwars (battles against other clans) without the use of real money. This requires a high-ranking tank which, without a so-called premium membership, can easily require 200 or more hours of game time.

The tank game is basically free of charge, but content can also be purchased for real money, whereby the critical payment is possible with the mobile phone. Real currency can be used to buy tanks, among other things, which would otherwise take a long time to earn. These are only necessary if the players have little time available, but still want to actively participate in the advanced game - for example in a clan. However, such a premium vehicle costs up to 100 euros, which is sometimes more expensive than a newly released full-price game for the PC. Such an investment must be carefully considered, especially because premium access is also required for professional gaming at a high level, if the players cannot spend several hours playing the game every day - premium access costs an additional ten per month Euros or one euro per day.

If World of Tanks is played in between, it is relatively unproblematic as long as parents and their children reflect that this is a war simulation. The lower tank classes do not require any time except for the ten-minute battles on average - these can quickly become frustrating, however, because mastering the tank is quite complex and you can also meet experienced gamers who sometimes hang around on the maps with small tanks. If there are ambitions to be really good, World of Tanks is very time-consuming. In addition, once the game has progressed a certain amount of time, real money wagering becomes almost inevitable - all in all, the complex simulation is made for adults, but nothing speaks against a little banter in between.