Does God Really Exist 33

Is there god

Then nothing exists for a blind person because he cannot see it !?

Think about it: can you see the wind? No. Nobody can see the wind. But you can see what the wind is doing: how it moves the leaves when it blows through the trees. Hence you know that there is the wind.

Likewise, you can't see any electricity. And yet a sensible person would never reach into a socket. But what electricity can do, you can see around you every day.

Radio waves from cell phones ... nobody would doubt that they exist just because you can't see them, right !?

In the same way, you can also see what was made by an intelligent Creator or God ...
From nothing, comes nothing!

If you looked at your cell phone, would you think it was formed by coincidence from the aggregation of dust particles or from an explosion? Or did someone have to design and assemble this?

What is a plant, an animal or even a person with their senses compared to a cell phone? Much more complicated and ingeniously constructed ...
or our earth ... the universe ... and and and ..

You can believe in evolution THEORY - that is also a belief - but you cannot prove it.

Or you look around and believe in an intelligent creator who has to stand behind everything ... That is also a belief.

What is provable? Most scientists don't believe in a coincidence ...
And those who believe in chance play the lottery :-)

PS: A blind man once said: "Seeing is not a matter of the eyes, but of the brain."