How does a shadow work

Discover shadow and light with children - German education server

This page contains Practical suggestions for games, experiments and projects around the topic Light and shadow for children in daycare and after-school care.

In the dossier Sun, moon and stars - astronomy for children there are many suggestions on the topics of the solar system and space travel.

Flashlight dance

The flashlight dance (from, the online offer of the Stuttgarter Nachrichten)

"With the flashlight dance you choose a hunter. Then you darken the room in which you are. Now the game begins. At the beginning the flashlight is still off. The hunter is asleep. All the other children dance and hop through the room Suddenly the hunter calls out: “The flashlight dance!” All children have to stop as they are. Don't cheat! The hunter himself has to stand still and switch on the flashlight. He mustn't move his hand! If one of the children lights up, it is trapped and fails. The last one left is the new hunter. "

Lukas Research Land (Primary School)

The knowledge series of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) revolves around everyday high-tech knowledge on the subject of light. Lukas experiments and Lukas adventure stories form an experimental children's translation of the high-tech field of photonics / optical technologies. A researcher song and audio books complete the series. The information material for the design of the [...]

Shadow - more than no light

“Shadows are where there is no light. The 'dark spots' are much more than that: You can play fun games with them, make great gifts or even set the time ”. GEOlino reports on shadow games, shadow handicrafts and sundials.

Teaching materials for primary school: light and shadow

The Hessian education server presents teaching materials on the subject of light and shadow for primary schools. With factual information, practical suggestions and material references.

Document from: Bildungsserver Hessen

Shadow play

The shadow play as a form of theater is explained in this lexicon entry from Wikipedia. In the “History” section, information on the tradition in China, Indonesia and Asia Minor is presented.

zzzebra: shadow figures - the classics

The web magazine for children "Zzzebra" shows in pictures more than 20 shadow figures and tips on how to represent them and bring them to life.