What is the main goal of Islam

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A world religion

Islam is one of the great religions of our world (alongside Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism). Islam arose in the 7th century of our era. "Islam" is Arabic and means "submission to God's will". About 1.3 billion people profess Islam, they are called "Muslims".

The religion

The Muslims worship a god. They call him Allah. Tradition has it that this god chose Muhammad as his prophet. Mohammed founded the Islamic religion between the years 610 and 632 in the Arab Mecca and Medina. The teachings of Muhammad were written down in the holy book of Islam, the Koran, after his death.

Five important commandments

Muslims should obey five commandments in their lives. These commandments are also called the "five pillars": Muslims should only believe in Allah and not in any other god. They should pray five times a day, wherever they are (on Fridays if possible in the mosque, the place of worship for Muslims). They should give alms to the poor. They are expected to fast during the day for one month each year. This month of fasting is called Ramadan. If possible, Muslims should make a pilgrimage to the holy places of Mecca and Medina once in a lifetime to pray there.

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