How does Ash get a Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur in the diplomatic service

Bulbasaur in the diplomatic service
yes さ よ な ら フ シ ギ ダ ネ! オ ー キ ド て い の ぼ ぼ う け ん !!
en Bulbasaur ... the Ambassador!
Episode number 227 (5.16 / EP227)
Season Season 5
year 2001
First broadcast JP November 22, 2001
First broadcast US September 23, 2002
First broadcast DE September 15, 2003
Duration approx. 25 minutes
Animation team Team Ota
Screenplay 米 村 正 二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 藤 本義 孝 Yoshitaka Fujimoto
Director 鈴木 敏明 Toshiaki Suzuki
Animation management 志 村 泉 Izumi Shimura
German opening I believe in it
English opening Believe in Me
Japanese opening め ざ せ ポ ケ モ ン マ ス タ ー (Whiteberry Version)
Japanese ending 前 向 き ロ ケ ッ ト 団!

Bulbasaur in the diplomatic service is the 227th episode of the Pokémon anime.


Important events

Table of contents

Ash, Misty and Brock are on their way back to Teak City to get to Mahogany City. On the way down a hill, some milk cans roll down. The children keep running until someone tells them to stop them so they can grab them. They carry the cans back up and a truck driver thanks them. He asks where they are going and takes them with him as a thank you. You get to an airport and you get to a zeppelin.

Ash calls Professor Eich in a waiting room, but nobody is there when he calls. Delias Pantimos appears. Ash wonders what is going on when Professor Eich and Tracey appear. It seems like there are problems with the Pokémon on the premises. The researcher explains that the Myrapla Lineage, the Hoscup Lineage, and some Aquatic Pokémon do not want to share a lake. Eich suggests getting Ash's Bulbasaur to help. Ash accepts and hopes that his partner can help. Team Rocket watches the children as they get into the zeppelin and tries to get into the airship through the cargo entrance. They are put in a refrigerator and locked there.

Tracey, the professor and Bulbasaur go to the lake. On the way, Ash's scaraborn comes cheerfully buzzing up and sucks on Bulbasaur's bud, which is why it hits the scaraborn with a tendril blow. When they arrive at the lake, Bulbasaur runs between the three warring groups and begins to talk to them about the division of the lake. It places a blubella in front of a papungha, whereupon it is beaten. Then a hoppy sprout wants a Quaputzi and the two attack each other. This goes on until everyone turns to Bulbasaur and a fight starts. Tracey tries to intervene, but Bulbasaur soothes everyone with a solar beam. Amazed, the Plant Pokémon begin to accept Bulbasaur and each other.

After a while, Team Rocket's crooks are frozen out of the zeppelin as it ascends. After landing, Ash calls Professor Eich and learns that Bulbasaur is fine, but that they still need his help.

After the argument has settled, Bulbasaur decides to take action. Eich and Tracey watch and the latter sketches everything. Bulbasaur and Tracey's Marill show the Plant Pokémon a field where they should cut the grass. They start digging. The others understand what is going on and help out. After a while, Bulbasaur encounters hard ground that it cannot dig through. Bulbasaur runs back to the Quaputzi from the previous one, who initially refuses, but then comes along. Sandamers are also called to the construction site. The quaputzi soften the soil, and the sandamers begin to dig.

Soon all Pokémon will be working together to create a new lake. Ash's mother and Mime arrive later with bags full of Poké food. One of the sandamers hits a rock in the ground. Bulbasaur wants to push him away and everyone helps him. The rock is being carried away and everyone is proud. Then the sandamers start to run away because they encountered water. The hole fills up and a lake is created. Then the ground loses its grip and a Myrapla falls. The rock threatens to land on him, but Bulbasaur pushes it away and is buried under him himself. Eich, Tracey and Delia are just as shocked as the other Pokémon.

Now you can see a review of Bulbasaur Reisen and you can see how important it has become for Ash's team. Later in the field, Ash wakes up from a nap, looks up at the sky, and feels that Bulbasaur is fine. Oak and Tracey push the rock into the flooded area and Bulbasaur is nowhere to be seen. Everyone is wondering what happened to him when it digs out of the ground and is fine. Tracey notes that Bulbasaur cannot usually learn to dredge, but his mentor says that unusual powers can be awakened if necessary.

Ash calls Eich and asks how things are going. He is told that Bulbasaur was a great help, but Eich would like to keep it with him. Ash asks Bulbasaur if this is okay and it agrees. It later resolves another conflict, looks up to the sky and knows that Ash is fine without him, which ends the episode.






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language Surname
German Bulbasaur in the diplomatic service
English Bulbasaur ... the Ambassador!
French Le négociateur *