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[C #] [Delphi] Pros and cons of these languages.

  Oct 9, 2006, 9:35 am
Hello dear Delphi community,

Before I start here, I would like to introduce myself first:
I am 23 years old, come from Paderborn, and have been programming privately and professionally for some time.
About 2 years ago I came into contact with Delphi (7.0) for the first time professionally, as part of a project, and I have to say that I really liked the language (and especially the component-centered approach). Before that I dealt with Visual C ++ 6.

After the project, I turned to the .net framework out of curiosity. And along with it, C #.

Now that the Turbo-Express editions are out, I've (re) discovered my love for Delphi.
What I particularly like about Delphi is the, in my opinion, nice, tidy syntax, and the broad support for the open database Firebird.

[/ offtopic]

well, so far so good ...

In the near future I have the task of programming a time recording for Windows for our company, and now I cannot decide in which of these two languages. The only thing that keeps me from doing this in Delphi is the "fear" that there will be no constant further development of the Delphi IDE and language (Delphi still uses .net 1.1 and MS will release 3.0 next year. )
Furthermore, I am somehow "afraid" that I will learn and work something that is slowly "dying out". The development in the C # sector just seems to be going faster. Everyone talks about it. 20 new books appear every month. (I'm exaggerating a bit.)

Hope that Delphi doesn’t run so far back that nobody’s interested in it!
In the end, my question is not only aimed at which language is best to program a time recording with (that works with both), but after all I also want to learn something and not acquire any dead knowledge if possible.

Hope you understand what I mean and can post your opinions and comments.

Best wishes,