Drinking alkaline water really reduces inflammation

Medicine and science confirm it

Dr. Robert O. Young - American doctor, together with his wife wrote the book "I've tried so many diets ... groundbreaking healing program - a miracle of pH balance". They tell about the influence of alkaline water on the economy of the human organism in terms of acids and bases. Here are a few sentences from this treatise:“Water is the most important prerequisite for maintaining health. Unfortunately, its quality, which is already under attack, will deteriorate in the near future. The most important task of this book is to teach the reader that very large amounts of water are to be supplied to the organism. But not from any, but from basic water. It would be best to drink at least four liters of good water a day. If you drink large amounts of alkaline water with a pH value (9-11), it will neutralize the accumulated acidic residues, and if you follow the right diet, this acid will be expelled from the organism without any problems [dt_gap height = "n"


The research of Dr. Walter Irlacher About the influence of alkaline water on the blood and on the treatment of the diseases caused by the increase in acidity, caused an unusual stir in Germany. The research was carried out using the "dark field blood test" method. In the picture below (left) - the blood of a healthy person. In contrast, on the photo on the right - one can see acidified blood. Sticky erythrocytes (red blood cells) cause the blood to thicken


Felicia Drury Kliment - Author of the publication: “The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet” writes - “It took me 20 years of research, writing and consulting in the field of alternative medicine before I found the common cause of many degenerative diseases: acid products of the Metabolism discovered. For the most part, they are by-products of the food we digest. Their accumulation in the body leads to the disruption of the function of the internal organs and their damage. " “After years of intensive clinical research on my numerous customers using electrolyzed alkaline water, I believe that this technology will change the attitude of all healthcare institutions and even patients towards health over the next few years. I recommend drinking the alkaline electrolyzed water as often as possible. "


Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi - Managing Director of the Tokyo Water Institute writes - “A bad diet consisting of meat, potatoes, fried foods, carbonated beverages and sugar leads to the storage of acidic salts in the body. If they are precipitated from the blood, these salts can very often form deposits that are stored in the body for years. That is why it is recommended to drink alkaline ionized water, which slowly and gradually rinses out these salts. "