What can a multimedia computer do?

The optimal multimedia PC

Friedrich Stiemer

In our second PC purchase advice, we have put together a multimedia PC that should be the center of your entertainment program in your living room. As always, our first suggestion is the price-performance tip, our alternative is more expensive, but also more efficient.

Enlarge PC-WELT has configured a multimedia computer (HTPC) for you.

An HT or multimedia PC in the living room often replaces several devices, such as the Blu-ray player, the game console or the TV receiver and is even more powerful at the same time. Here it is important that the components used work quietly, because nobody wants to hear loud noise during an exciting film evening. A remote control increases convenience, as it allows you to operate many functions comfortably from the couch, for example to pause the film or to navigate through menus.

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The HTPC: multimedia center in the living room

With a high-performance graphics card, the HTPC can also be converted into a console: You can experience your favorite games on the TV screen, which is usually much larger, and you don't even need to wait for the PC game to be ported to a console - and most of the time, the games watch thanks to higher details also look better.

We have determined the cheapest prices with the help of our PC-WELT price comparison: Our price-performance model amounts to 560 euros, the luxury version costs 1512 euros. This is quite a big price difference, but the latter configuration can be understood as a living room control center and receives programs in HD, provided a corresponding smart card and correct reception. The HTPC is also very powerful and does not disappoint when it comes to sound.

1. Processor

AMD A8-7600 (to the test)

Price: about 110 euros

The Kaveri APU offers a good overall package of economical computing and graphics performance.


Intel Core i5-4570S Tray (Manufacturer link)

Price in the PC-WELT price comparison:162 euros

Due to the lower clock rates, the Intel CPU consumes less power than the version without "S".

2. CPU cooler

Scythe Shuriken Rev.B (Manufacturer link)

Price in the PC-WELT price comparison:23 euros

With slim HTPC housings, a low-profile cooler with low operating noise is a must.


Noctua NH-L12 (Manufacturer link)

Price in the PC-WELT price comparison:52 euros

The Noctua model can accommodate two fans at the same time and therefore cools a little more effectively.

3. Motherboard

EnlargeGigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI

Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI (Manufacturer link)

Price in the PC-WELT price comparison:79 euros

Gigabyte packs Bluetooth, WLAN and enough interfaces into the small mini-ITX format.


Asus Z87-Pro (Manufacturer link)

Price in the PC-WELT price comparison:149 euros

The Asus motherboard only holds Intel CPUs, is slightly larger and also supports WLAN.

4. RAM