How good is Bira beer in India

Beer test - Bira 91 Blonde


Cerana Beverages-Bira 91 / New Delhi

Test object:

0.33l bottle


Water, barley malt, corn, rice, hops, yeast


slightly dull, lighter golden yellow

Head of foam:

relatively few


slight acidity, metallic, malty, long finish


But that's an interesting beer. This craft beer comes from distant India, which has an alcohol content of 4.9% vol. and is called "Bira 91 Blonde". And according to self-promotion, this beer is an attempt to fight against the big beer brands on the Indian market. A laudable approach ... And now I'm really curious how this beer with the little monkey and all the ingredients tastes so :-) From a visual point of view, I don't like this slightly dull touch. I expected that the foam would not last too long. In terms of taste, it is now not particularly outstanding. Compared to beers from Asia, however, it has a clearer beer taste and, above all, something like body and volume. A slight acidity is present in the first third, the carbonic acid is more pronounced and the sweetness of the malt is indicated. Nevertheless, the aromas of the corn and rice come through, luckily the metallic taste is only very brief and then can no longer be tasted. Unfortunately, the beer subsides in the middle, more taste would have been good here ... You can drink it, because of the subtle acidity at the beginning it differs from the other brands in the country and that's a good thing. It is clear that the aroma density of European beers does not come into play, with the temperatures you do not want to drink Doppelböck :-) All in all six points!


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