You can freeze bananas

Freeze bananas

Tips ┬╗Household┬╗ Freezing Bananas

Freezing bananas and preserving them for a long time is very easy. Read our guide here.

You can freeze these bananas

  • When freezing bananas, you should make sure that no unripe fruits, i.e. green bananas, are frozen. (Read here how to store bananas correctly.)
  • As soon as the banana peel is colored yellow, the fruit begins to ripen.
  • Both ripe and, in particular, overripe bananas with a brownish skin and firm flesh are suitable for freezing.
  • As a rule, these are exactly the fruits that nobody wants to eat anymore and are therefore often thrown away.

Freezing bananas - step by step

  1. Remove the banana peel before freezing.
  2. Cut or break the fruit into smaller pieces.
  3. So you have the opportunity to use your bananas in portions.
  4. Place the pieces in a sealable freezer bag to stow.
  5. If stored airtight and frozen, bananas can be kept for about six weeks.
  6. To defrost the bananas, you should put them in the refrigerator and do not use the microwave's defrosting program, otherwise the aroma will suffer.
  7. The pulp is darker in color after thawing, but has a full flavor.

Tip: If you like to use bananas as an ingredient for milkshakes, desserts or cakes, you can puree the fruit before freezing and freeze it in small portions in freezer bags, freezer boxes or even in ice cube trays.