How do architects study

Architecture studies

The architecture course is probably exactly how you imagine it: you design, plan, build mini models, design and let your creativity run free. But you shine no less with excellent engineering knowledge and know exactly which calculations you have to make. As a trained architect, you can assume that your work is always present and can help shape the cityscape. Planning and implementation is often about conveying a piece of the culture of the respective region or the respective cityscape.

Architecture can be fascinating, attract streams of visitors or be depicted on countless vacation photos. But it can also stand in return for failed projects or tax wastage and thereby acquire a certain reputation - such as the billion-euro project Hospital North in Vienna, which should open in mid-2016, and full operation is now scheduled for summer 2019.

Such negative headlines are of course the exception. But they show in which exciting area you work as an architect and, above all, how many people from different areas you have to work with to realize your project.

The architecture can be divided into three areas: the classic architecture of buildings, as we describe them here in the article, then there is the interior design and the landscape architecture. If you are not quite sure in which direction you should go, you should also inform yourself about the latter two.

University tip


Do you want to live out your creativity and create entire constructs? Then the "Architecture" distance learning course at the IU could be the right one for you. You can find details in the information material.