The Mossad killed Hugo Chavez

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez ‘anti-Semitic seeds have sprouted

From Stefan Frank

Since the power struggle between Venezuela's parliament and the socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro escalated on January 23, a wave of anti-Semitic messages and images has swept through the social networks accusing “Jews”, “Zionists” or “Israel” in the background Pulling strings to overthrow Maduro and take control of the country yourself.

Amelia Womack, Vice-Chairwoman of the Green Party in England and Wales, has since apologized for having distributed a cartoon on Twitter, the anti-Semitic nature of which she said she was not immediately aware of, she said. The drawing showed death in the form of the Grim Reaper, wrapped in an American flag, with a bloody scythe. He went in and out through doors into rooms labeled “Iraq”, “Libya”, “Syria”, and “Ukraine”, left a trail of blood and now knocked on a door with “Venezuela” written above it . If you look closely, you will discover a star of David on the blood-dripping scythe - the scythe is supposed to represent the Israeli flag.

Again Jewish Chroniclereported, the tweet had also caused outrage among members of the Green Party, so Womack deleted it and wrote: "That teaches me not to share things when my battery is about to give up on the train." On Friday she apologized himself and tweeted, “Yesterday I tweeted a picture that, in my ignorance, I thought was a satire on US imperialism. It wasn't, it was actually anti-Semitic and I wholeheartedly apologize for tweeting it. "

The cartoon was one of thousands of anti-Semitic tweets that followed news that Juan Guaido - the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, in which the opposition won a two-thirds majority in the December 6, 2015 elections - had agreed to take office to take over provisionally as long as Venezuela does not have an elected president. This is what the constitution provides. Many supporters of the dictator Maduro see this as a Jewish conspiracy from abroad. “Guaido is a puppet of the Jews,” read a tweet, “Venezuela must not fall into Zionist hands” another.

In the following, we document anti-Semitic tweets that were distributed in connection with the state crisis in Venezuela in recent days, sorted according to common motives. (It is in the nature of things that many of the tweets fall into multiple categories.)


Jews and Israel are seen by many not only as opponents of Maduro, but as pullers behind a worldwide conspiracy:

"While France is on fire, Israel's lobby puppet, Macron, fiddles with Venezuela." @VanessaBeeley

"The United States is the armed wing of the Rothschild Jews who want to pillage Venezuela and all of Latin America."@Anaespejooscuro

"It is a fact that only Zionist governments do not recognize Maduro ... that they shook hands and appointed a killer like Netanyahu, Trump, Bolsonaro, Macri, lackeys of international banking." @MarceloBrusco

“It is a shame that everyone on earth is being humiliated and that 13 families of Zionists who rule the dollar, the US, the EU, the United Nations, NATO and the IMF plunder them and only for the sake of their economic interests Start wars. Will humanity wake up? ”@ Antilluminati11

"Zionists" are portrayed as "saboteurs" who deliberately instigate conflicts:

"The ultra-liberal Zionist lobby is blocking the supply of all kinds of goods to Venezuela, while inciting local people, impoverished by their blockade, to blame the left." @Elnath_taur

"Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro should keep an eye on Israel, because Israel is the one who wags the tail of the US and is always involved in instigating riots and arming terrorists [...]" @ Justis4u1

“It is clear that Yankees and Zionists will not stop until they get a civil war in Venezuela. It is clear that the country needs change, but without the clutches of the United States. " @BorjaParanoicos

The United States, along with the Zionists, create wars and then appear as the benefactors to rebuild what they have destroyed, and the peoples are subjected to them through the innumerable debts of that rebuilding. " @ Marly16094246

"The board of the Zionist-Globalists created the perfect boom to intervene 'for stability' (I say because of the oil)." @JesuisKR

“The Zionists are attacking the constitutionality of Venezuela. They are sabotage and wreaking havoc in order to steal resources. The only president is Nicolas Maduro. Viva Chávez and Simón Bolívar. " @VaginoSauria

A common motive is that of a US conspiracy with the Jews or "Zionists" against humanity:

"The OAS [Organization of American States] is US artillery, just like the IMF ... Venezuelans, look to the east, at the countries where the Yankees and the Jews intervened." @AntimMarcelo

“It is imminent: Washington will intervene militarily in Venezuela [...] The clutches of the Yankee Zionists are extremely sharp and ready to shed innocent blood; the thousands of civilians ... " @FantasmaSarape

"Trump is a worldwide murderer, along with the Jews, and is buying the countries from the Latin American right." @AntimMarcelo

"Disgusting ... There are no words for the countries that are destabilizing Venezuela. If you can't, I'll call them: USA, Israel, Brazil, France ... and many more. " @pt_hammer

“The US remains determined to bring its democracy, the pillaging of multinational and precarious workers to Venezuela, no matter what the cost, as in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, supported by the Zionists in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. “@ARMAKdeODELOT

"The Yankee rascals, along with the Zionists, are the cancer of mankind." @ rogeecn9

“The Angel of Death (USA) wants to sow misery and destruction in Venezuela. He is after the riches of the land. As in: Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. As for the monstrous acts of the Zionists, he allows them to murder and steal Palestinian land. The angel of death will be defeated in Venezuela, CARAJO. ”@ EdoCan09


Others see the US as the slave of the Jews:

“We all know that the US does not want to liberate the people of Venezuela, they want the resources, as they did in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and almost in Syria. They lick the scrotum of the Jews [...] " @ Dan666Ing

“The United States is just a pawn for Israel. You don't start a war if the Zionists don't order it. Everything they did in the Middle East was ordered by Israel, but everyone accuses the Americans instead of their masters [...] " KamuiX88


In many tweets, Jews appear as "capitalists", "thieves", "exploiters" and "rights":

"The Zionist capitalists demonstrate their tentacles of power." @ brizuela1960

"Venezuela must not fall into the hands of economic murderers, Latin America will soon be free from these pro-Zionist murderers." @Ismael_Arias

“USA, Israel and their allies are notorious killers and evil Zionists. They steal natural resources and human dignity. [...] " @ boanerges1234

"The coup in Venezuela is supported by the right and the Jewish right in Mexico." @ ArellanoM63

Long live Nicolas Maduro! Long live the Venezuelan people. Long live Commander Chavez !!! Death to the disgusting right-wing Zionists !! " @ nichiii5

“When Hugo Chavez became president in 1999, he nationalized the kosher banks / oil / gold and many Jewish industries. You ran away to Israel and the United States. Since then, Venezuela has been the evil country that needs to be taught a kosher lesson. "@ papa250254


Anti-Semitism - Hugo Chavez's legacy

This anti-Semitic paranoia, the belief in a Jewish conspiracy against the socialist regime in Venezuela, goes back to Hugo Chávez, who ruled the country from 1999 until his death in 2013. Speaking in 2010, he said: “Israel is funding the Venezuelan opposition! Israel is funding the counter-revolution! There are even groups of Israeli Mossad terrorists who are near me trying to kill me. You are trying to kill me. They are the promoters of terrorism. "

Chávez and his regime media also called his challenger in the 2012 presidential election, Henrique Capriles Radonski, “Zionists”. In the perception of the Chavist public, the Catholic Capriles is a Jew. A contribution on the Venezuelan state radio on Capriles was called "The enemy is Zionism". It said: “This is our enemy, Zionism, which Capriles represents today. Zionism, along with capitalism, is responsible for 90 percent of the world's poverty and imperialist wars. "

Ivana Cardinale, a presenter for the state radio station YVKE, wrote in 2006 in a post that is still on the state-sponsored Chavista website Aporrea it is found that Jews see themselves as “a superior race” and treat non-Jews “like animals”. In 2013, in an article entitled “What is Israel preparing against Venezuela?”, She suggested that “the Mossad” was behind an act of vandalism in the Caracas synagogue that shocked the Jews of Venezuela in 2009. "The Mossad" also "poisoned PLO leader Yasser Arafat with thallium", which Israeli President Shimon Peres even admitted with the words: "The regime in Tel Aviv was involved in the death of Yasser Arafat."

A source for the alleged quote - in which Shimon Peres appears as someone who calls the Israeli government a "regime" and does not know that it is based in Jerusalem - did not name it. She added, "Like many others, I am 101 percent certain that Chavez was killed and that both the CIA and the Mossad were behind the peculiar cancer the president suffered from." … Will Shimon Peres publicly admit in a few years time that Israel was involved in the assassination of Chavez, as he did with Arafat? "

Maduro is less extreme in his statements, but also seems to believe in a global Jewish conspiracy. During the war between Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014, he appealed to the Jews of Venezuela: "Only you can stop the massacre of the Palestinian people."