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This is Qwant

Qwant calls itself "the European search engine" and thus distinguishes itself from US options. The provider is Qwant S.A.S., founded in 2013. based in Paris.

20 percent of the company belongs to the German Axel Springer publishing house. The homepage shows the latest news from various media - including some from Springer. Qwant does not explain how the selection of these media takes place - a corresponding request from mobilprü has so far remained unanswered.

Qwant uses its own search index, but also uses the hit lists from Microsoft's search engine Bing. The manufacturer promises not to set any browser cookies and not to save the search history of users. According to its own information, Qwant also does not collect any user data.

The search engine finances itself through advertising, but does not personalize it. This means that ads are only placed depending on the search terms entered - but not tailored to individual users.

At the top of the hit lists, Qwant shows what fits the search term best, instead of preferring popular websites like conventional search engines.

The search engine is available as a browser app for Andoid and for iOS. The children's search engine Qwant Junior, which blocks search results that are unsuitable for children, comes from the same manufacturer.

Firefox Tracking Protection

The open source browser Firefox served as the basis for development at Qwant. Some Firefox tracking protection features are enabled by default.

Qwant sets a new cookie for each session, which is then deleted. In addition, the "Do Not Track" and "Protection against activity tracking" functions are activated. The browser uses lists of known trackers and blocks them automatically.

Qwant offers the option of creating a profile with which users can access bookmarks or create link lists.

When used on multiple devices, the search engine settings can be synchronized. In order for this to work, the personal data and settings are stored on the provider's servers. These are located in the European Union.

YouTube videos included

With Qwant, search results can be filtered in many ways: for images, videos, music and for content from social networks. In doing so, Qwant directly integrates content from third-party providers.

For example, YouTube videos can be played directly on the hit page. The drawback: data is sent directly from the Qwant app to the YouTube owner Google. However, users receive a corresponding warning beforehand.

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