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The IT manager

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The job as an IT manager is
  • well paid
  • internationally oriented
  • in demand in many industries
  • demanding
  • exciting
Tasks as IT manager
  • Development and maintenance of the IT infrastructure
  • Conception of IT solutions
  • Creation of IT security concepts
  • Human resource management
Annual salary:
35.000 € – 150.000 €

Depending on

  • Size of the company
  • your degree
  • your experience
  • Scope of your responsibility

Are you looking for a professional perspective and have already searched the various professions? You are in the profession of IT managers got stuck and this sounded interesting to you? We have put together all the important information about the IT Manager for you and offer you a comprehensive overview. With us you will find out, among other things, what training you have to become an IT manager, what tasks an IT manager takes on, in which industries he can work and how much money an IT manager earns.

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Frequently asked questions about the IT Manager

An IT manager is an expert in the areas of IT and management and organizes the IT department with its various projects, both financially and personally.

An IT manager negotiates with customers and clients, defines the various goals and work processes and solves subject-specific problems within his area of ​​responsibility. The IT manager assumes management responsibility and is very often responsible for putting together the various teams in the IT area.

What is IT management?

= includes all management decisions related to IT and the IT department of a company and is the direct interface between the company management and the IT department.

Job offers as IT manager

IT manager: definition

An IT manager is an executive who is often responsible for the entire IT area within a company. An IT manager can often influence and control the direction of the company in the long term. For this reason, IT managers not only have the appropriate specialist knowledge in the field of IT, but also the necessary management skills and the required industry knowledge in a company. Among other things, IT managers and their teams can adapt the company's IT or provide tailor-made software solutions that are developed and rolled out for the company as required.

In the past, IT managers were mainly computer scientists who only dealt with subject-specific problems. However, the job description has changed due to increased digitization. Today, an IT manager is above all an IT generalist and a business economist who has in-depth knowledge of databases, software engineering, programming and operating systems.

As an IT manager, you ask yourself these questions:

Which software and IT solutions are required?

How can necessary IT problems be solved?

Most IT managers are not employed to carry out these tasks themselves and, for example, to install an operating system, but they have to monitor and manage the work of the actual IT specialists in a technically competent manner.

In addition, the IT manager is responsible for the development and planning of the various IT projects, must define the relevant responsibilities and also calculate and monitor the costs of the projects. As an IT manager, your tasks also include personnel management in the company's IT area, so that there are many other areas of responsibility waiting for you here as well.

The IT manager is also the direct interface between management and the IT department and must represent them in front of the company management for all questions and problems. Communication in both directions is essential!

IT manager: requirements

Make sure you think about whether the IT manager meets your skills and preferences. If you are not particularly interested in computers, networks and technology, you will not be particularly happy as an IT manager.

If you enjoy programming and you have already been able to build up experience and skills, you also enjoy logical interrelationships and solving complex technical problems, the IT manager is exactly the right job for you.

As an IT manager you have to be well organized and stay calm even under time pressure and stress. The ability to work in a team should not be underestimated, after all, most IT managers are responsible for a larger group of employees that they have to coordinate.

Your skills

In addition to the actual interests, however, the skills are also put to the test. If possible, you should have some of the following skills and abilities if you want to pursue a career as an IT manager:

  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in personnel management
  • Mastery of programming languages
  • Knowledge in the field of database systems

IT Manager: Apprenticeship & Studies

There is no standardized degree for the job of IT manager, instead many companies and industries set their own priorities. You can either choose a course directly from the field of IT and management, but you can also be successful as an IT manager with a pure IT degree.

You can often acquire the necessary management skills in later courses and additional training courses and find a good position as an IT manager.

Here you will find some courses that are of interest to you as a future IT manager:

Sometimes the IT and Management degree is a dual degree. This means that in addition to your studies, you are already working as an IT manager in a company or in an authority and can actively participate there.

At the university you will receive comprehensive training in all theoretical areas of IT and also in management and business administration. Lessons include applied mathematics and accounting, but also business English or personnel management, which is particularly important for an IT manager.

In your company, you can apply the knowledge acquired during your studies directly and in parallel in reality as an IT manager and thus train it directly and effectively. This includes, above all, the dual courses of study in the field of computer science or information technology, which are offered at many universities. You can then specialize further with the subsequent master’s degree in IT management.

IT Manager: Entry

There are three different entry options in many industries and professions:

Graduate (studies / training)

All three variants are possible for the job as an IT manager. In the meantime, it is often the case that the best in one year start right after their studies as IT managers, while the rest often start out as project employees or project managers in a company and work their way up to IT managers.

There are also many lateral entrants in the industry who have a degree in IT and the corresponding qualifications and specializations, but who lack management knowledge. They usually catch up on this through independently organized training and thus qualify for the job as an IT manager.

IT managers with professional experience are often in great demand and are highly sought after for their knowledge and skills. It is not for nothing that IT managers with relevant work experience in some industries can demand enormous salaries.

Helpful soft skills as an IT manager

The technical qualifications naturally play a particularly important role in the job as an IT manager. However, there are also some soft skills that are particularly important for the job of IT manager. Among other things, you are required to work very often with people from other countries and to communicate with them across borders. Accordingly, it is important that you have a good command of business English. Soft skills for your work as an IT manager include:

  • Interest in new technical developments
  • Intercultural Competence
  • good feeling for language
  • good resilience
  • Assertiveness
  • negotiation skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • creativity
  • Self motivation

IT Manager: Industries & Areas

The selection of industries for IT managers is greater than ever. Thanks to digitization and the budding automation in many industries and companies, IT managers are becoming increasingly important. You can even very often choose which industries you find particularly interesting.

In many cases, you limit your field of activity during your studies by choosing your subject-specific orientation, even if the transitions are often fluid here too. IT managers are often in demand and sought after in the following industries:

The job of IT manager can convince above all with its good salary. However, the amount of the salary depends on various factors. On the one hand, from the industry and the size of the company. But the location of the company can also have an impact on your later salary. This creates a wide range from 32,000 euros to 150,000 euros gross per year!

As a career starter as an IT manager, you can expect a salary of around 2,900 euros per month to 3,500 euros gross per month. These are salaries that are paid in the various industries for entry. With a lot of professional experience and, above all, in the right industry, you can achieve salaries of more than 10,000 euros gross per month at large corporations.

Often there is also a variable component in addition to the fixed salary, which is defined by the success of your work. So you can see that the job as an IT manager can also be financially worthwhile. In addition to professional experience, it is also important to be willing to undertake further training, because this is the only way you can benefit particularly well from the various opportunities for advancement and career prospects.

Career prospects& Career opportunities

further education

As an IT manager, you have to reckon with the fact that you have to continue to train and educate yourself. Because the area of ​​IT is one of the most rapidly changing areas and thus constantly demands your attention. After all, you not only have to keep up with the latest developments on the market, but also keep a feel for trends and the latest developments in this area if possible.

For example, many IT managers do further training to become a certified IT consultant or take important further training in the areas of IT security and IT compliance or IT architecture and cloud computing or IT projects and services (including ITIL). Through such training, the technical specialization is getting better and the scope of one's own work is increasing.

Promotion opportunities & career prospects

As an IT manager, you are already working in the field of management and can therefore count on good advancement in many companies. Often the work experience and your personal success count as a yardstick for the various opportunities for advancement.

As a rule, IT managers with appropriate success and experience move up to senior IT managers and thus take on even greater personal and project responsibility. Due to the high level of responsibility in this area and due to the high level of personnel responsibility, the leap to further management is not far away.

Your career as an IT manager could look like this:

  • IT manager
  • Senior IT Manager
  • Managing directors

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