Old people like pop music

Why do people like pop music (please explain)?

The singers sound as if they had been given a whistle shortly before the sound recording. Everyone is constantly "hurt" about something and I see metaphorically offended teenagers sitting on the edge of the bed because they are annoyed on social media.

Where are the people who live “I'm Walking on Sunshine” instead of listening to this funeral music on Spotify or on the radio every day?

Why does everything have to be Coldplay-style, so melancholy and sentimental? What made the young people so hopeless?

And for the forced relativists here who write, there was bad music before: That may be! But at least we had Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Diana Ross, George Michael, Tina Turner, Prince, Queen, Phil Collins, Joe Cocker, Toto, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston to name a few.

Today all the bubbis and girlys all sound the same and cannot be told apart. Their thin, high boy band-like Quak voices surpass each other in insignificance. And the women keep tipping over to sing with their wannabe fragile way of singing. Horrible! Desolation! And so interchangeable ..

What happened to mainstream pop music?

Ps: The statement that great music still exists, you just have to look for it, has NEVER been confirmed in my experience. They are fans of alternative music. But I'm talking about great pop evergreens! Not from authentic, handmade, virtuoso, profound songwriter Mucke.