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Arduino projects - 10 exciting ideas

Are you wondering what Arduino projects are? No problem! In our advice article we show you 10 interesting project ideas that can be recreated with little effort. Including instructions and the necessary materials, of course, so that you can get started right away. We also give you valuable tips on the way so thatProgramming Arduino is super easy for children.

What are interesting Arduino projects?

Finding interesting Arduino projects is not that easy. After all, the choice is huge. Finding an interesting DIY project for children can be a challenge. In addition to age, previous knowledge and interests. But there are other aspects that make an interesting Ardunio project and thatProgramming for children make it a real highlight. These include in particular fascinating special effects such as flashing LEDs. Because visually appealing things are particularly popular with kids. But everyday projects are also particularly interesting for our youngest. Because it is an open secret that children always have the most fun when they see a result and can hold it in their hand.

Would you like to make coding a special kind of experience? How about if you bring the self-built robot to life with your smartphone? Your protégé will not only jam, he will also learn how to use digital media safely. As a beginner, however, you should make sure that you choose projects that are particularly easy to implement. Because the construction of a human robot would surely overwhelm and frustrate you. In the beginning it is sufficient if you control servomotors with an Arduino, light up LEDs or create a text on an LCD display using program code.

As a rule of thumb, the fewer components a project contains, the less can go wrong when assembling. Once you've mastered that, next time you can venture into a more difficult project. How about an exciting project in the field, for exampleelectronics? (see Spahic, 2020). For those who want to start coding right away, see our article on theArduino download Everything you need to know.

Discover the digital world with an Arduino project

Through useful Arduino projects, your protégé learns important basics in dealing with digital technologies. The acquiredMedia literacy Your protégé will benefit at school and later in the professional world. After all, safe handling of digital media is becoming more and more important in many areas of life. On the other hand, the little ones practice their logical and systematic thinking and problem-solving strategies while coding. Robots & Co not only abduct us into a fascinating world, the playful use of them also strengthens valuable skills that are often neglected in everyday life. For a general introduction to the digital world, ourComputer course best for

You see: Coding is not only a leisure activity with a high fun factor, it also promotes skills and interests that optimally prepare your protégé for the future. Do you want to become a coding professional? Then ours arepython Courses just right. Because here you learn the supreme discipline of coding. If you'd rather slowly get to grips with coding, then our course is forProgramming scratch exactly the right choice or you have a look at our articleArduino mBlock at. There you will find a simple project explained in six steps.

Did you know?

Arduino projects are carried out at many universities to impart technical knowledge to school and university students. Meanwhile, theUniversity of Lüneburg Workshops to show the participants how sensors work and measuring circuits are built. TheUniversity of Tübingen and carries out Arduino projects in physics class.

10 ideas for useful Arduino projects

Has your curiosity been aroused? Then get started right away. We have put together 10 interesting Arduino projects for you so that you can put your urge to discover into practice right away. The best thing about it is: Many DIYs can be expanded or combined with other ideas. We have also added a suitable illustration for your orientation. So, what are you waiting for?

Table 1: Arduino project - name, level of difficulty & age

1. Bring robots to life

Would you have thought that a robotic arm could be made out of cardboard? The projectArduino robotshows that this is easily possible, because a real robot arm is created with an Arduino Uno, three servo motors and a few other inexpensive components. The associated electronic circuit is relatively simple. However, you need a little skill for the handicrafts. You want to learn more about androids & Co. Then take a look at our courseRobotics kids past.

2. Build the weather station yourself

Observing weather phenomena is particularly fascinating for children. With theArduino weather stationyou can bring the exciting world of the weather straight into the children's room. However, with this exciting project you can record the parameters of temperature, humidity and air pressure. The weather data is processed by a mini computer and displayed on an LCD screen. So you always have a close eye on the weather.

3. Motion detectors for your room

Have you ever got out of bed at night and hit your foot painfully because it was so dark? If so, then the project willArduino motion detector Make it easier for you to go to the toilet at night. Using three movement sensors under your bed, an Arduino Nano registers whether you are getting up and then switches on a colorful LED light chain. In this sea of ​​lights you can see all the obstacles on the way through the children's room.

4. Tinker speakers for your radio

Are you looking for a perfect project for young children? Then it isArduino speakers just the thing. This is a radio that can output various MP3 files via a loudspeaker at the push of a button. The MP3 files are played back by a special chip that has an SD card slot. You could, for example, save songs, fairy tales or radio plays on it. An Arduino Nano takes over the entire control of the electronics. By the way, there are also more complex microcontroller boards, such as the popular Raspberry Pi, that can play music without an additional MP3 chip. If that interests you, then maybe you should also look into the in the futureProgramming Raspberry Pi employ.

5. Build a remote controlled robot car

Remote-controlled cars are especially popular with children. Such a model can be easily implemented with an Arduino Uno and a Bluetooth module. The fact that prefabricated components are used for this project requires little electronic knowledge. A conventional smartphone with a corresponding app, which is available free of charge for Android, serves as the remote control. With theArduino car you are sure to amaze your friends.

6. Install the alarm system

This project requires only a few simple steps and is therefore ideal for beginners. It is an alarm system that registers whether a door is opened or not. Are you wondering how it works exactly? The single-board computer is connected to an ultrasonic sensor and a buzzer, which emits a high-pitched sound when touched. The ultrasonic sensor is attached to the door frame. If the door is moved by a person, the alarm is triggered. With theArduino alarm system Your children's room is safe from any intruder from now on.

7. Build your own solar cell

As you probably already know, solar cells convert light into electricity. The problem with permanently installed solar cells is that the sun moves throughout the day. This means that the angle of the irradiation is not always optimal, which means that the solar cell delivers less electricity. For this reason, there are so-called solar trackers, which always align the device so that the sun shines directly on it. In the projectArduino solar you will get an insight into how you can implement such a tracker yourself with an Arduino Uno, a solar panel and some other components.

8. Stopwatch

Do you want to know if you can run faster than your friends? Instead of buying a stopwatch ready to use, you can buy your ownArduino stopwatch build together with your friends. This project is super easy to implement and only needs a few materials. So there is only one for the creationArduino Pro Micro, an eight-digit LED display and three pushbuttons are required. The stopwatch shows the total time and also the time for a single run. The pushbuttons serve as operating elements.

9. DIY alarm clock

You're always late in the morning, so you always have to run to the school bus. The Arduino alarm clock is just the thing so that you don't run out of time in the morning. With just four components and a few cables, you can assemble a clock with an alarm function very quickly. Since the single-board computer itself only provides a relatively imprecise time measurement, a real-time clock is used in this project. It is a special component that can measure time even more precisely. You will also learn how to control an LCD display, how to read inputs from a 4 × 4 keyboard and how the program or the sketch for this clock is programmed.

10. Build your own polygraph

Are you looking for a real highlight for your birthday? Or do you want to know if your friends are always telling the truth? How about thatArduino lie detector? Lie detectors can certainly not read minds, but they measure certain physical parameters from which conclusions can be drawn about lies or truth. These include, for example, pulse, breathing and skin resistance. If the skin begins to sweat when you hear a lie, it conducts the electricity more easily. In this project, an Arduino Nano measures the skin resistance and indicates a lie by lighting the corresponding LEDs.

Combine different ideas

Perhaps you are so skilled that you have already completed several projects. How about, for example, if you combined two projects? For example, it would be possible to connect the DIY alarm clock with the MP3 radio so that the buzzer does not sound in the event of an alarm, but music is played. That would be a DIY clock radio, so to speak, that only plays your favorite music. Another idea would be, for example, that you could use a solar cell as a voltage supply for the door alarm system, the MP3 radio or the lie detector. There are no limits to your imagination (see Schreiter, 2020).

The Arduino is a great way to learn to code in a fun way. It is worthwhile to start with an Arduino project, because the ease of use and the range of design options allow our little ones to confidently enter the age of digitization. So, what are you waiting for?


Spahic, Bejamin (2020): Arduino without previous knowledge: Create your first own project within 7 days.

Schreiter, Danny (2020): Projects with Arduino and ESP: The 25 best projects to build.

FAQs - Arduino projects

Do I need prior knowledge if I want to implement an Arduino project?

No, you don't need any special prior knowledge for most projects. Because Arduino is a development environment that is particularly suitable for beginners. In addition, most projects are particularly easy to use.

As a beginner, what should you consider when choosing an interesting Arduino project?

When choosing, you should make sure that the project corresponds to your interests. Because if you have fun with the thing, you not only complete your project, but also acquire new knowledge in a playful way. Also pay attention to the level of difficulty. Because a project with many components can quickly become frustrating. So start with a DIY that contains only a few components. You can find more information in our articleArduino boards.

Where can I get help if I get stuck with my Arduino project?

If you don't know what to do next, you can of course ask your parents or your programming friends for advice. If you need the knowledge of an expert, you can also post your question in the Arduino forum. With some projects there is also the possibility to write an email to the author. You can find the link to the forumhere.

Are Arduino projects suitable for elementary school students?

In general, children from the age of 6 can put their first Arduino projects into practice. Because there are many DIYs that make our youngest step-by-step familiar with coding. Meanwhile, the door to exciting coding projects is already open to primary school students.

Are there any useful Arduino projects for outside?

Sure, Arduino is a real all-rounder - and with this project idea, the board even becomes a garden helper. Children love to plant their own fruits and vegetables. Use the warm days to build your own Arduino greenhouse with your protégés. You can decide individually whether the computer controls the irrigation or monitors the temperature.