How do I plan the time in advance

Translation of "So far in advance" in English

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So far ahead, we did not think so.
Reservations are on the phone so far in advance...
Airfare rates suddenly change online, so if you see a price that you are comfortable with grab it. Always try 1] to so far in advance as possible buy your cards.
Airfare rates change suddenly online, so when you see a price that you are comfortable with, grab it.] Always try to purchase your tickets as far in advance as possible.
I don't like to plan though so far in advance.
Take the time and research before making your choice. Be sure to, so far in advance Book as you can because many of the South Florida bass fishing guides fill up quickly, especially during the vacation season.
Take your time and research them before making your choice. Make sure you book as far in advance as you can, because many of the South Florida bass fishing guides book up quickly, especially during vacation season.
Shame the kitchen was closed ... maybe when we so far in advance booked ... however we recommend
Too bad the kitchen was closed ... maybe if we had booked as far in advance... however we recommend
During periods of high demand, you should so far in advance book as possible to avoid disappointment. Can I ride my bike? No, in this case the guarantee and limitation of liability are void.
At times of high demand, try to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.Can I race this bike? No. All warranty and damage liability waivers will become null and void.
Of course, many children cannot so far in advance planning but just starting to think can be helpful.
Of course, many kids can't plan that far in advance but just starting them thinking can be helpful.
Who could do these things so far in advance knowledge?
There are a great many problems that great political and social thinkers face so far in advance could not foresee, although their knowledge was crucial in transforming us into people with revolutionary ideas.
There are many problems that the great political and social thinkers could not have predicted, at such a long distance, although their knowledge was decisive in making us people with revolutionary ideas.
"I think that sometimes model developers should be more humble and say that the future is not so far in advance can calculate, "says Adam.
"I think that modellers sometimes need to be humble and say that they can't forecast this far into the future, "says Adam.
Points on which agreement has been reached The treaty bodies should set their timetables for examining the reports of the contracting states so far in advance as possible.
Treaty bodies should set their schedules for review of States parties reports as far ahead as possible.
"Despite our best efforts, it remains difficult to identify the exact subtypes of influenza that the vaccine must target. so far in advance already to be determined, "says Guzmán.
"Despite extensive efforts, it remains very difficult to forecast so early exactly those influenza subtypes against which the vaccine needs to be effective," says Guzmán.
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