Thermomixes are worth all the hype

Stiftung Warentest criticizes Thermomix: things that annoy me too

Life is neither black nor white. Perfect job? Ideal partner? Has one ever dreamed of it. There are only shades of gray in this world. This rule applies always and everywhere - and until the evening when the first Thermomix party begins in your own apartment.

Then suddenly you know: Perfection is possible. It was immediately clear to my wife, as well as to the three friends who were invited: This food processor is flawless. It takes in food, cuts, mixes, stirs, cooks and cooks it into ready-made dishes. Bread, salad, fish, meat, potatoes, ice cream, everything.

Problem in the kitchen? The Thermomix is ​​the solution. Costs 1100 euros? For what is true, good, and beautiful that has become a machine - who wouldn't pay for that. My wife paid immediately. The device has been in our kitchen for a year. And annoying.

1. Ding-ding-ding-dung, the annoying tone

A woman who calls herself “Thermifee” on Facebook, has 40,000 fans there and puts a recipe on the page every day, was very excited. As soon as she had the new Thermomix in the kitchen, she immediately posted a video with enthusiasm that shows what sound the new device is making. Thing-thing-thing-dung. A signal in slow motion, like a pinball machine on Valium.

It announces that a cooking step is now complete. Not once, not twice, without end. You have to press a button, otherwise the sound will not go out. And, it's unbelievable: the sound cannot be changed, not turned down, none of which is in the operating instructions. It simply does not work.

2. Pfff - Pfff - Pfffff, it's steaming ...

Our kitchen is only a few years old. We have a kitchen island and a silver hood sticking out from the ceiling. What the salespeople at Thermomix don't like to say: The Thermomix actually needs its own extractor hood. There is a hole in the top of the lid and when the device is boiling and steaming it will steam out of the hole. And then the underside of the kitchen cupboard in our kitchen steams until the condensation drips.