I love Donald Trump is that gay

Melania Trump campaigns for gay and lesbian voices

Melania Trump apparently believes in all seriousness that Donald Trump is the best thing that could happen to gays and lesbians (Image: Log Cabin Republicans)

The American first lady Melania Trump praised her husband's allegedly gay-friendly policies in a video published on social networks. At the same time, she accused leftists of "bullying" homosexual conservatives. She did not mention trans rights in the three-minute long film with elevator music.

The Republican president's third wife said "enemies in the political establishment" claim her husband is "anti-gay or against equality". But: "Nothing could be further from the truth. Donald loves to help people," said the 50-year-old.

"As the leader of the Republican Party and President of the United States, Donald has always made it clear that gays and lesbians are treated the way he has always treated them: the same." Her husband is "the first president to come to the White House and support gay marriage. Donald is also the first president to have an openly gay official in his cabinet." She referred to Richard Grenell, who was US ambassador to Berlin for two years and executive secret service coordinator for three months, a position with cabinet rank (queer.de reported).

LGBTI activists criticized the video as "fake news". The queer organization GLAAD said the Trump administration is fighting "against our rights to get married, work, go to school, find a safe place to sleep, adopt a child, go to the doctor or order a cake" .

The influential LGBTI news magazine "The Advocate" said in a report that the first lady would "claim that her husband is pro-gay, even if his policies have harmed gays and lesbians and the entire LGBTQ + community." Many statements are simply not true: "Trump's support for marriage for all is at most half-hearted," said the "Advocate". In addition, the US president has appointed three conservatives to the Supreme Court who are hostile to marriage for all, most recently Amy Coney Barrett (queer.de reported).

Melania warns of "Cancel Culture" mobs

In her three-minute speech, the first lady also went on a confrontational course: She complained that "free thinkers and independent voices" like homosexual conservatives "are being silenced and bullied by 'Cancel Culture' mobs". "This is not the America we want to live in," Trump continued. "We are a nation that celebrates and protects diversity and we condemn those who bully and intimidate people. We don't want to live in a place without freedom, where everyone is forced to think the same way."

The video was published by the Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBTI group within Republicans. The conservative activists called the Trump wife an "ally for equality". Two months ago, the Log Cabins published a video by Richard Grenell in which he described the president without irony as the "most gay-friendly president in America's history" (queer.de reported).

The elections for the president and the US Congress will take place next Tuesday. According to a survey, only 17 percent of the queer population want to vote for Trump (queer.de reported). LGBTI organizations support almost exclusively the opposition candidate Joe Biden, who had declared early on that he would make queer rights a top priority (queer.de reported). (dk)