Why doesn't Valve make games anymore

Gabe Newell: Valve wants to develop its own games again

Michael Mercenary

The Steam operator wants to develop more of its own games in the future that offer a strong story.

EnlargeThe VR game "Half-Life: Alyx" has again motivated Valve to develop its own games.

Valve wrote gaming history with “Half-Life 2”. In the past few years, games were rarely developed by the Steam operator itself. This could change soon: CEO Gabe Newell announced in an interview with the website 1 News that there are currently several games in development at Valve. The work on the VR game "Half-Live: Alyx" had very good experiences. It's fun to finally release single-player games again. According to Newell, the success of the game has spurred Valve to work on more games.

However, Newell did not provide any specific information about the new games from Valve. In the rumor mill, the project called "Citadel" has long been the next big hit from Valve. In the code of the Dota 2 engine Source 2, resourceful users discovered references to this title, which should contain sneaking elements, pathfinding and a minimap. The Valve boss did not want to comment on this. He protested that he had never heard of this project. Internally, you would use a large number of code names that also change frequently. Valve apparently wants to focus on games with a strong single player component in the future. This represents a change of direction, after all, the group had been able to inspire a large number of players in recent years with multiplayer titles such as “Dota 2” or “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.

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