How could open headphones save lives?

21ON11102 Can Apps Save Lives? Big data and artificial intelligence in healthcare

BeginningTuesday, June 8th, 2021, 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
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Electronic patient files, care robots, chips under the skin of diabetics that transmit the glucose value: Digitization has far-reaching effects on medicine and the healthcare system. The promise that diseases can be detected earlier and better treated with the help of artificial intelligence are countered by many uncertainties.

Where do algorithms and AI already play a role in our healthcare and where will current developments lead us in the future? How can patients be protected from data misuse and how can it be ensured that the use of AI in the healthcare system is not based on profits but on the wellbeing of the patient? Or does too much data protection ultimately prevent life-saving innovations?

We discuss these and other questions with our experts. We cordially invite you to take part and bring your questions to the discussion.

You can follow the event live at home in front of your own PC or mobile device such as smartphone or tablet via loudspeakers or headphones. Microphone and camera are not necessary. You can use an online tool to bring your questions on the topic to the event.

This livestream is part of the city - country - data flow series of events organized by the German Adult Education Association.

Technical requirements: Internet access, PC, laptop, Mac, tablet or smartphone with speakers, headphones are recommended (camera and microphone are not required)