What is the definition of new customer

Acquisition of new customers

Targeted search for new customers. The geographical and industry-specific organization are basically suitable for acquiring new customers. Nevertheless, in many cases it is advisable to delegate these tasks to specific employees or even entire departments. The reason for this lies in the significantly different processes and opportunities when acquiring new customers. Normally, this activity is relatively time-consuming compared to looking after existing customers, so that it is difficult to give employees with mixed areas appropriate guidelines for acquiring new customers. Employees who only have to look after an area with potential new customers cannot solve their requirements by compensating existing customers. The most difficult task in acquiring new customers is identifying the potential customers; aids such as
a) address books, address publishers,
b) Notes from existing customers (their customers, suppliers, competitors),
c) telemarketing,
d) trade fairs, exhibitions,
e) advertisements (with reply coupon),
f) job advertisements,
g) "Cold Calls" (visits without notice).

The advertising of first-time buyers or the poaching of customers from competitors. The acquisition of new customers is one of the most difficult and unpopular salesperson tasks due to the great persuasive work it requires. Acquiring new customers becomes the joint task of a sales team. Since the results of acquisition efforts have a strong effect on the motivation of sales staff, the activities for maintaining regular customers and acquiring new customers should be coordinated in such a way that the sales successes with existing customers have a motivating effect on new customer visits. In general, acquiring new customers is an activity that should be carried out in times of high turnover:
• It can be assumed that there will also be a demand from potential customers during these phases.
• Customers only trust successful companies. You can tell whether a company is successful by the behavior of the sales representative during the sales pitch.
In some companies, employees share the responsibility of maintaining regular customers and acquiring new customers, depending on their inclination and talent.

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