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Your contribution to the anniversary

Greetings for the 100th anniversary of the Academy for Dental Training

Dear Professor Walther, dear employees of the Academy for Dental Training,

I warmly congratulate you on the 100th anniversary of this institution. Despite the difficult conditions caused by the corona pandemic, I am pleased that this anniversary is being particularly honored and celebrated.

My entire professional life I have been in contact with the Academy for Dental Training, sometimes more intensively, sometimes at longer intervals. First of all, there were some interesting advanced training courses on topics that go far beyond the curriculum of the degree in which I took part.

Many years ago, Prof. Heners gave me the opportunity to do my orthodontic clinic year with Dr. To complete Zura. So I became an employee of the academy and had the opportunity to look “behind the scenes”. I like to remember the special spirit among the dental colleagues and other employees, the many interesting training courses, the numerous, very festive events as part of the Karlsruhe Conference with very enriching lectures by outstanding personalities. I particularly remember the weekly doctor's consultations, during which we dentists presented and discussed interesting, sometimes unusual, treatment cases and which always ended with a social get-together in an Italian restaurant in Karlsruhe.

During these two years I also had the chance to give advanced training for dental assistants in the field of orthodontics. This ultimately led me to my current, very fulfilling job as a teacher at a vocational school. In the last few years I have had the opportunity to accompany classes with ZFA trainees to information events in the academy several times.

In addition to the professional meetings described above, I am also very grateful for the friendships with dental colleagues from my time at the academy. Participants of our then "AK Ski" still meet privately today, now with children, and sometimes also spend their skiing holidays together.

I am therefore very happy that I have been in contact with the Academy for Advanced Dental Education for around 25 years. I wish you, Professor Walther, a well-deserved retirement and the new head of the academy, Privatdozent Hellmann, an equally happy hand in continuing the academy, combined with the desire to continue professional contact.

Dr. Stefanie Niekamp