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45 frequently asked Pinterest questions

Updated: November 25, 2020

Is Pinterest still a 7-sealed book for you? Would you like to know something but haven't found the answer yet? In the Facebook group on Pinterest, certain questions appear regularly, which are now answered here in a clearly structured manner.

45 frequently asked questions about Pinterest

For a better overview, the questions are grouped and meaningfully grouped into subject areas.


1 - Account & Profile


# 1 do i need a business profile?

You can also use Pinterest without a business account. However, it is recommended for several reasons:

  • It's free.
  • You have access to the Pinterest Analytics.
  • You can apply for rich pins.
  • You can use the shop window and the profile cover.

The Pinterest Analytics - i.e. the internal Pinterest statistics - are essential if you want to be successful on Pinterest. They give you a chance to find out which pins are working well. In this way, you can create more content right from the start that will also bring success.

And the rich pins stand out more with their additional information on the pin in the search result. So also an advantage and a compelling argument for a business profile.

Here you can create a business profile or convert an existing private profile.

# 2 are followers important?

Followers are less important on Pinterest than on the various social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram, because the followers are only a small percentage of the people you (can) reach in total.

Get 13 tips to get more followers here, or how to create boards that get followers.

# 3 How do I get found on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a (image) search engine, so SEO is essential. Using keywords will find your Pins.

Pinterest plays your content according to an algorithm. Help Pinterest to categorize your content faster and always pin new content to the most relevant boards first.

Find out more about this strategy here.

# 4 What are rich pins?

Rich Pins provide additional information about an idea as they show more details directly on the Pin. There are several types of Rich Pins: Article, Product, and Recipe Pins.

You can find out how to implement rich pins on your website here or use the Facebook group.

# 5 How do I use the board cover?

Your profile is your business card. In addition to the name, the picture and the short description, the board covers are important functions that give you the opportunity to present yourself and your brand.

The board covers pay a lot into your branding and give your profile a tidy, uniform appearance

# 6 How do I use the profile cover?

Business accounts have recently had a profile cover over the general information in the profile. In this cover you can choose from different variants:

  1. Your latest pins
  2. Your latest activity
  3. one of your public boards
  4. a single image
  5. a video

Pinterest wants to give companies more control over their appearance. You can find out more about this in this post.


2 - pinning


# 7 How many Pins do I have to pin per day?

Pinterest itself recommends pinning at least 5 pins per day. If you want your account to grow faster, you should pin at least 10-20 Pins a day.

According to Tailwind, the most successful accounts pin between 15 and 25 pins per day. In any case, don't pin too much, it can be counterproductive. In the worst case, your account will be classified as spam. Learn how to strategically pin well in this post:

# 8 How many other people's Pins should I be pinning per day?

You have probably heard of the 80/20 rule. It says that you should pin around 80% third-party content and 20% your own content every day. This ratio is a good guideline, especially for new pinners, as there is often not very much of your own content available to get a good daily number of pins.

The more your own content you have, the more your own content you can pin every day, for example 50/50 or 20/80. There are very successful accounts, especially in the US, that work exclusively with their own content.

You will not be penalized for just pinning your own content. If you don't have high-quality pins of your own and can't pin every day with content you've created yourself, then you should definitely pin third-party content that matches your account.

# 9 should I delete badly running pins?

Badly running pins do not damage the distribution of the new pins. A pin that is currently badly running can also be successful at a later point in time. So before you invest time here, use it to create new, good Pins.

# 10 should I delete or edit old Pins?

The same applies here: look ahead! Bothering to pick out individual pins and edit or delete them is pretty ineffective. It also makes no sense to add hashtags to pins that were pinned months ago. Since hashtags are ranked according to their topicality, this is useless.

Please note: if you delete a pin on one of your boards, it will only be deleted there. If you want to delete it from the entire platform, you have to use the reporting function (three dots on the pin).

# 11 Can you pin too much?

There is no daily limit. However, you should pin every day rather than anything once a week and nothing for the rest of the week. Automation tools such as Tailwind can help you with this.

In any case, avoid things that might seem like you were set by a bot. For example, pinning 50 Pins in a minute can result in a ban because Pinterest thinks it comes from a machine.

In general, you should pin high quality content on relevant boards, not just things for the sake of pinning. In point 7 you will find a link to an article where you can learn how to pin strategically correctly.

# 12 Does automated pinning hurt?

No, you will not be penalized for using tools like Tailwind. An active pinner should pin regularly (daily). It does not matter whether it is pinned manually or automatically.

In any case, make sure that you are using a tool that is also an authorized partner of Pinterest. A list of partners can be found here.

# 13 What are duplicate pins?

A double pin is the same image (photo or graphic) with the same link on the same board. You can pin several pictures from a post (link) on a board, as long as they are different.

One and the same pin on different boards does no harm either.

# 14 What is fresh content?

Pinterest wants the latest content on the platform and therefore favors content creators who regularly pin new content.

Fresh content is, of course, first and foremost a brand new URL - i.e. a new blog post, a new recipe or a new product. However, a new image for an existing URL also counts as "fresher" content and can be made without hesitation.

Here, too, we recommend the article under point 7 for more information.

# 15 Why should I pin multiple Pins per post or product?

“Tastes are different!” Colors, shapes, images and texts do not address everyone equally. An almost identical pin with slightly modified text can function completely differently.

If you create multiple Pins per post, you can try variations and thus appeal to multiple target groups.

# 16 When should I pin?

With the introduction of the follow-up feed, the timing of pinning has become more important again. Then pin when your target audience is online. That can be for different topics at different times! Think yourself into your target group and consider when they can be online. Click here to find out when your best pin times are.


3 - pin boards & group boards

# 17 Which boards do I need on Pinterest?

A board is a bulletin board that you can use to memorize the Pins that you like.

You should dedicate at least one board to yourself and your brand. This should also be at the beginning. Then think about which topics fit around and create boards that are largely related to your company or your blog. We recommend 5-10 different boards to start with. In the course of time there will be more anyway.

You can keep completely different boards, but you should keep them secret. If you participate in a lot of group boards, slide these to the end - as do seasonal boards that get different seats depending on the time of year. Tips for mucking out the boards can be found here.

# 18 What are group boards? Why are group boards important?

There are three different types of boards - that is, pin boards.

  1. Public Boards
  2. Secret boards
  3. Group boards

Several pinners fill a group board together. Group boards should definitely not be missing in your reach strategy, because your pins get additional reach. Your pins are not only shown to your followers, but to all followers on the respective group board. In this way you can reach a large target group even with few followers of your own.

Can't find the right board? Then create one yourself and invite others to do so. You can make any of your boards a group board. Simply click on the board and then on the gray plus and invite fellow pinners.

Since the end of 2018, however, generic group boards - i.e. group boards with content from all possible subject areas - have no longer been given such high weight. You should therefore regularly analyze your group boards and, if necessary, quit.

# 19 How do I find group boards?

Unfortunately, Pinterest does not yet have a filter for group boards in the search. You can find out in detail here how to find and use group boards correctly.

# 20 My inquiries about group boards are being ignored - what should I do?

Have you found suitable group boards, but no request to join is approved? Here are 5 tips on what to do.


4 - Analytics


# 21 What are viewers and what is the difference between calls and viewers?

Views is the number of times your Pins have been shown in the feed. The viewers are the users who saw your pin. If someone saw 10 of your Pins on the feed, it would be 10 views but only one viewer.

The viewers essentially correspond to your entire reach on Pinterest.

# 22 How do I find out which pins are doing well?

You can see which of your Pins achieved a high reach in the Pinterest Analytics under Website. The most frequent pin views over the past 30 days are listed below the graphic.

Much more important, however, are the pins that will bring you good traffic to your website. If you use Google Analytics, you can find detailed instructions here.


5 - SEO


# 23 Where are keywords important on Pinterest?

The most important places for your keywords on Pinterest are:

  1. The pin description
  2. In the board title and description
  3. In the short biography

# 24 How do I find keywords?

You can find the best keywords directly on Pinterest! Here's how to find the keywords on Pinterest.

# 25 Does the file name of the image matter?

The file name of the image is not relevant for Pinterest. However, it is all the more important for SEO on your website. That is why the filename should be meaningful before uploading.

# 26 What should be in the pin description?

The longer and more helpful your pin description, the better. Write meaningful, reader-friendly texts with keywords and a strong call to action. It's best to put hashtags at the end to make them easier to read.

# 27 Do keywords in the board title and description help?

Absolutely! In addition to the pin description, the title of the pin board and its description are an important place for keywords. Especially in the board title, the order in which it is placed in the search is important.

So if you want a pin board to be found under a certain keyword, then it should definitely appear in the title.

How well new Pins work depends to a certain extent on the relevance of the pin boards on which the Pin is pinned first. The relevance of a board can be increased by keywords.

Learn how to make good boards here.

# 28 Is it better if Pins are pinned directly from the website?

When pinned directly from your website, it is a sign that it is valuable content. You should be the first to pin your content once the article or recipe is online. Pinterest favors content creators, i.e. those who regularly pin new content from their website.

It does not matter whether the content is pinned via the browser extension or the pin-it button, uploaded directly or pinned via Tailwind. The only important thing is that you bring a new URL to Pinterest first.

Make sure to provide at least one pinnable image on your website for other users. If you don't want this to be visible, there are ways to hide images here.

# 29 How do hashtags work?

Hashtags were introduced on Pinterest in autumn 2017. Since August 2020 they have been without any real function, as they have never really caught on.

You don't have to delete hashtags in old pins and you can continue to use branded hashtags. When searching for e.g. #kaleidocom, all recently pinned pins are displayed. (As of August 2020).


6 - pins


# 30 What size should pins be?

The size recommended by Pinterest for optimal display on the desktop and mobile phone has a format of 2: 3. 600 x 900 (or 1000 x 1500 for higher resolutions) is favored by Pinterest. However, many users have achieved better results with longer formats. Note that pins longer than 1,260 pixels will be cut off in the feed. Read everything about the optimal pin size here.

# 31 Do I need text directly on the image?

Text on the picture is beneficial when explaining or describing the picture. For most users, pictures with text on the picture run much better because they immediately show what it is about. The eye is also immediately drawn to the text. Take the chance and write an appealing, curious text.

# 32 How important is branding?

Consistent branding of your pins is an essential element in building trust through recognition value. You can find out how to create recognizable Pins here.

# 33 Do all pin graphics have to be uploaded on the website?

No, you don't have to upload all the pins on the website, you can either pin the graphics directly on Pinterest or via Tailwind. It is important that you provide at least one pinnable picture.

This does not have to be visible, but can also, if it does not suit your post style,hidden become.

On Pinterest itself, you can easily upload several different images to a post without them having to appear on your page. Then enter the link manually at the pin. Just make sure not to publish these images all at once, but to distribute them.


7 - business


# 34 Which companies does Pinterest work for?

Pinterest works for almost all companies that also do content marketing. Even local businesses can be successful with well-chosen hashtags and carefully set pin descriptions. It is important for local retailers that they also state the location in their profile.

# 35 Can I use Pinterest without a blog?

Yes, if you have high quality imagery, you don't necessarily need a blog. Use lifestyle pictures of your shop, show your products in different variants and areas of application. Use text on the picture and a good description so that pinners click into your shop.

# 36 My page has been switched to https - does this affect my pins?

If you've set a clean redirect from http to https on your website, your pins will still work.

# 37 My website has a new address - what should I do?

In the first step you should of course verify the new website. Make sure that you redirect the individual pages from the old URL to the new addresses.

This is best done using .htaccess. Instructions for WordPress can be found here at Jonas Tietgen from WP Ninjas.

# 38 The product is no longer available in my shop. Should I delete the pin?

Do not delete the pin yourself, but be sure to redirect the old URL to a meaningful existing page (or product). You can't manually delete Pins on someone else's boards either.


8 - Miscellaneous


# 39 My pin was stolen - what should I do?

Pinterest is working on techniques to prevent pin hijacking or stealing. If you find a Pin that is obviously stolen, report it as your intellectual property rather than spam.

>>> Read here how you can avoid spam and thus a ban.

# 40 My Pinterest account has been blocked - what should I do?

If you get caught in a spam filter, your account could get banned. Usually this lock is only temporary. Under point 36 you will find a link with instructions.

# 41 Are profiles viewed often?

The most frequent accesses to your pins are via the feed or search and not the profiles. That's why the reach of your own Pins is more important than your followers.

# 42 How dangerous is Pinterest?

Funnily enough, this is one of the most common search phrases in the Google Search Console on this website. Why should Pinterest be dangerous? With the best will in the world, we haven't been able to find out.
If this question is about data protection, please read this information.

There is of course an immense danger: you just want to search for something and two hours have already passed ...

# 43 is Pinterest free? What does Pinterest cost?

Yes, Pinterest is free for the user - both the Android and iPhone app and the website itself are free. The network is financed through advertising - so-called promoted pins.

Companies can also register for free with a company account. For these there is the possibility of advertising.

# 44 Can I remain anonymous on Pinterest?

Pinterest does not require a real name like Facebook. You can also register with an imaginary name. All you need is an email address.

Even if you appear under your name, you can "secretly collect pins" by simply setting the corresponding pin board secret in the board's settings. It is then only visible to you.

# 45 Pinterest not working?

For us, this question consists of two aspects:

  1. Is there a technical problem that some functions are currently unavailable? Doesn't Pinterest open? Then delete the cache and cookies and try a different browser or the app on the mobile phone. If that doesn't help, waiting often helps. Alternatively, you can also write to support.
  2. Pinterest not working as a channel for you? Are you sure? Pinterest takes time - it won't bring you results tomorrow. However, if you work on it continuously (and yes, it is work!) Then it is one of the most sustainable channels.

What other questions do you have? Please write me a message!