What problems with clothes do transvestites have

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  1. Alone at a conference

    Date: 04.12.2019, Categories: Housewives Author: byno_pelicula

    The old problem again: What to wear ...? This time not in front of a bulging wardrobe, but in front of my anything but bulging suitcase. Once again I was traveling on business. As an academic you also have to go to further training. Very exciting topic: "The amendment of the bankruptcy law - consequences for the operational procedures" - drier and desolate could hardly be a topic. After all, the hotel in which the conference took place was first class. My room was a fairly large suite and there was An excellent wellness area. The first two days were already behind me. Surrounded by lawyers in gray suits, who populated the whole hotel and with whom you could only talk about bankruptcy law. To my horror, I was the only one this time Woman, which earned me the dubious honor of having the undivided attention, in a certain relationship, of all the men present. I was complimented: You, here, as the only woman in the select group of insolvency administrators .... And everyone told them always then how great they are themselves and some made me clear offers very quickly.After all, I'm an attractive lady in my prime, but I feel just disgusted me by clumsy turn-ons. The peak was reached yesterday at the evening buffet, the evening gluttony after the lectures. After the person I was talking to shoveled in the third plate with all sorts of ...... fatty stuff, he was so distracted from my breasts that he held the plate crooked and a neat gush of some kind of sauce landed on my pants suit. Everyone was suddenly worried about me, but I had enough. After a very courteous waitress had mopped up the worst, I just left the round angrily and walked through the reception area in the direction of the elevators. Thank goodness other parties were also accommodated in the conference hotel. A third division basketball team from a nearby town was at a tournament here. The athletes populated the lobby of the hotel after the end of the games, which took place in a sports center not far away. That brought some color to the otherwise gray surroundings. Some were sitting in the armchairs and their puzzled looks followed the angry woman who disappeared into the elevator with gravy on her pants suit. Annoyed by all my colleagues, I had enough and went straight to my hotel room to spend the rest of the evening there alone. Since I was also a little tired, I fell asleep early. So I was able to get up earlier today and do something for my well-being before the lectures in the fitness area began. There I hoped to have some peace and quiet to do a light workout on my own. But I wasn't alone this morning. That was also the reason for my clothing problem. My mind started to wander, I had to get up again ...