What is a triple concert

"A lot of coffee and mate will flow"

The tension in the Munich band “Kytes” is currently greater than usual, because they have special plans for this Friday

Interview: Bela Baumann

The Munich band Kytes gives a premiere on Friday: the four young men play a triple concert. In the afternoon in the MS Utting, then in the Muffathalle and shortly before midnight in the Milla. The project is not an everyday occurrence. Apart from the fact that three concerts in one day are a great challenge for the four musicians in terms of endurance, a lot of organization has to be done around them. Drummer Timothy Lush finds a short time between “Orga” and rehearsal to talk on the phone about the complexity of the “Triple M” concert.

SZ: Your project made waves in Munich in advance. How did you come up with this idea?

Timothy Lush: The idea came up in May, June 2019. After playing at Puls-Open-Air, among other things, we agreed to do something special for our album release concert in Munich. Munich is our hometown, we don't just want to play just any concert there. On the tour bus, our sound engineer Henning suggested that we could play three concerts in one day. At first we thought the proposal made no sense, but somehow we couldn't get it out of our heads.

What was the first thing to do?

First of all, we had to find three locations that hadn't been booked on the same day. That was really not easy. At first we thought of the station attendant, but that didn't work. That's why it has now become Utting, Muffat and Milla. Fortunately, the three locations are very flexible, our playing times are rather strange. At 11:59 p.m., a party of some kind has long been running.

How will Triple M work logistically?

We all have two of our instruments. During the concert in Utting, part of our team brings the second set of instruments to the Muffathalle. While we are playing there, the Utting brings the instruments back into the Milla. We have three sprinters for the day, one of them just for the technology. A stage set has been designed for the big concert in the Muffathalle, but parts of it will also be shown in the two smaller concerts.

Your team? How and by whom will you be helped that day?

We are supported by a team of around 14, consisting of our manager, two sound engineers, two for the lights, two “stage hands” and our driver. There will be a total of seven other people at the merch stands, mostly friends.

Do you want to eat something in between?

Yes, Michi's mom, our singer, has often cooked for us before gigs. Again we are lucky enough to have something to eat at 3 p.m. before the first concert. After that there are only sandwiches and snacks. I don't really like to play with a full stomach anyway: you have to burp and it is so heavy in the stomach.

How are you going to hold out for so long - with caffeine?

Either way, it will be a bit exhausting. But yes, there will be a lot of coffee and mate flowing.

Are there or were there concerns within the band about the triple concert?

Not many. Back then, over the days, we became friends with this idea of ​​doing something risky, and that's how it is now. We are of course tense, more tense than at a normal concert. But we are all in the mood for it anyway.

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